Elevating industrial IoT connectivity with isolated Ethernet module

The Cervoz Mini PCIe 2.5GbE Isolated Ethernet Module is ideal for IoT applications requiring lightning-fast and seamless internet connectivity. It is specifically designed to fulfi

Industrial | 01-06-2023

Bringing performance and reliability to AIoT applications

Cervoz Technology Co., Ltd offers industrial M.2 solutions for data storage and embedded expansions to satisfy the demand of AIoT applications. The M.2 data storage and expansion c

Industrial | 25-10-2022

New PoE+ modular expansion card for various industrial applications

Cervoz has introduced an Industrial Ethernet Modular Expansion Card, MEC-LAN-P004, with Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) technology, an optional feature that ensures reliable power

Subs & Systems | 11-08-2022

Flash and DRAM products for smart traffic management

Cervoz can assist cities to better manage their traffic by supporting IoT devices with their industrial-grade Flash and DRAM solutions. Smart traffic management is the employment o

Automotive & Transport | 14-10-2021

Power loss protection products preserve data integrity during outages

Cervoz Technology has released two families of power loss protection products, the M336 and T376, to ensure that companies and their data are defended against the threat of unexpec

Power | 21-05-2021