Elevating industrial IoT connectivity with isolated Ethernet module

01-06-2023 | Cervoz | Industrial

The Cervoz Mini PCIe 2.5GbE Isolated Ethernet Module is ideal for IoT applications requiring lightning-fast and seamless internet connectivity. It is specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of the IoT market, delivering industrial-grade data transmission that is stable and efficient. Upgrading to this module for embedded systems will maximise communication and connection performance.

This isolated Ethernet module is intended to provide outstanding performance, with support for speeds of up to 2.5GbE communication speed. It also offers sing/dual isolated GbE LAN port options that ensure data integrity and protection against electrical interference. These features make it an excellent choice for industrial IoT applications that demand high-speed networking capabilities, such as industrial automation, workstation, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

As well as its high performance, this new product also delivers excellent reliability and durability. It provides a rugged design that can withstand extreme operating temperatures (-40C to +85C). It also comes with a simple and intuitive interface (MECFIX – Versatile Mounting), making it straightforward to configure and manage. The daughterboard has a flexible shielding cable that can be adapted to fit into various systems with stable transmission.


By Seb Springall