Flash and DRAM products for smart traffic management

14-10-2021 | Cervoz | Automotive Technologies

Cervoz can assist cities to better manage their traffic by supporting IoT devices with their industrial-grade Flash and DRAM solutions.

Smart traffic management is the employment of smart, IoT devices such as sensors, cameras and routers to gather information about traffic conditions and adjust control signals such as traffic lights and highway message boards accordingly.

At their core, all of these smart devices require to process a high volume of information fast. Furthermore, because the application devices – the sensors and cameras – using these modules are located outdoors, where they are subjected to heat, rain and other environmental conditions, the modules must withstand all these difficulties while functioning at their best.

The Cervoz T376 family of storage products is provided with the transmission capabilities and protective technology to satisfy these challenges. Created with a list of features, the high IOPS, TLC-technology storage modules arrive in a wide temperature version with thermal sensors, conformal coating, a DRAM buffer, and the Cervoz Powerguard (power loss protection). Together, these features enable the products to perform at their best despite the outside temperature or conditions.

To add more endurance to performance, the company's DDR4 SO-DIMM is the latest generation DRAM module that complements the Flash modules. Together, this duo offers the storage solutions for a smart traffic management ecosystem meant to make the city less congested and less polluted.

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