Cal Test

New terminal block adapters for the most demanding applications

Cal Test Electronics has introduced the CT4425 Terminal Block Adapter – the ultimate solution for measuring on terminal blocks easily and conveniently. This adapter enables users t

Industrial | 07-02-2023

New family of moulded double plug coaxial cable assemblies

Cal Test has introduced its new family of 4mm stacking moulded double banana plug cable assemblies. Although the moulded double plug (MDP) is a classic design, its usage in test an

Industrial | 08-11-2022

High-voltage differential probes cover most requested voltage ranges

Cal Test Electronics has released the CT4447 Series of 30MHz High-Voltage Differential Probes. Two different attenuation settings are provided, covering the most requested voltage

Power | 05-08-2022

New CAT III hook clip enhances testing needs

Cal Test Electronics introduces a new Hook Clip to further enhance users' testing needs. Offered either individually (CT4466-#) or as a black and red pair (CT4467), these rugged ho

Subs & Systems | 11-03-2022

New instrument grade coaxial adapters provide tight tolerances and high quality

Cal Test Electronics CT3300A Series is a family of Instrument Grade coaxial adapters that provide that next measurement confidence level. The grade delivers tighter tolerances and

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 28-01-2022

New cost-effective instrument grade RF coaxial cable assemblies

Cal Test has introduced its new Instrument Grade RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies. This new family employs RG142B/U, 50Ohm double shielded coaxial cable allowing higher bandwidth than s

Subs & Systems | 16-03-2021

New DIY silicone jacketed test lead wire kit

Cal Test Electronics now provides a convenient DIY package of its silicone jacketed test lead wire. The new model CT4403 provides six colours of 18AWG (0.75mm2) wire, every 2m in l

Subs & Systems | 22-02-2021

New insulated BNC to 4mm banana jack attenuators

Cal Test offers three new unique BNC to banana jack attenuating adapters. In addition to being fully insulated BNC male to 4mm sheathed banana jack adapters, they are attenuating a

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 07-01-2021