High-voltage differential probes cover most requested voltage ranges

05-08-2022 | Cal Test | Power

Cal Test Electronics has released the CT4447 Series of 30MHz High-Voltage Differential Probes. Two different attenuation settings are provided, covering the most requested voltage ranges.

With a 1000V CAT III rating and certification by cTUVus to IEC 61010-031: 2015, these probes deliver the reliability and safety expected from the company's test accessories. The probes are covered by a two-year warranty.

Oscilloscope users often need to make measurements between two voltages, both of which are not at earth ground. Differential probes are created to allow earth-grounded oscilloscopes to make safe, accurate floating measurement between these two points. The series probes convert these floating signals to low-voltage ground-referenced signals that can be displayed safely on any ground-referenced oscilloscope.

Compatible with oscilloscopes (with 1MOhm input) from all major manufacturers, the probes may be powered by batteries (included), a universal mains adapter (included), or by the oscilloscope, if USB equipped.

The series is ideal for applications, including precision power semiconductors, switchable power supply design, floating measurements, power converter measurements, and precision motor drive measurements.


By Seb Springall

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