New DIY silicone jacketed test lead wire kit

22-02-2021 | Cal Test | Subs & Systems

Cal Test Electronics now provides a convenient DIY package of its silicone jacketed test lead wire. The new model CT4403 provides six colours of 18AWG (0.75mm2) wire, every 2m in length. The available colours are yellow, Red, Black, Green, Blue and White. Together with the company’s extensive offering of DIY Banana Plugs, Jacks, and Alligator Clips, the new test lead pack makes it simple to build just the right lead accessory for a project.

Each lead provides highly flexible silicone over 195 strands of bare copper centre conductor. Together this gives one of the most flexible test lead wires available. The products are ideal for test leads, patch cords, and test fixtures.

As with a true test lead wire, the silicone jacket is fabricated thicker than standard hook-up wire and comprises a white inner layer for a wear or damage indicator. With six different colours, it makes it easier to keeping track of multiple connections.

For higher energy test environments, the product is IEC rated to 1,000V CAT IV.

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