New instrument grade coaxial adapters provide tight tolerances and high quality

28-01-2022 | Cal Test | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cal Test Electronics CT3300A Series is a family of Instrument Grade coaxial adapters that provide that next measurement confidence level. The grade delivers tighter tolerances and better materials for enhanced performance in critical measurements. They are in the cost-effective middle-ground between general-purpose and costly metrology grade.

The series features 50-Ohm impedance, bandwidths up to 18GHz, PTFE dielectrics, and gold-plated contacts.

These devices represent the most asked for in-series and between-series adapters with BNC, N-Type and SMA type connectors.

Constructed of either brass or stainless steel, the bodies deliver long working life, while gold plated BeCu contacts means reliable repeatability.

Important characteristics provided by the series include accuracy, low VSWR, flat frequency response, and repeatability. The series is both RoHS 2 and REACH compliant.

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