New insulated BNC to 4mm banana jack attenuators

07-01-2021 | Cal Test | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cal Test offers three new unique BNC to banana jack attenuating adapters. In addition to being fully insulated BNC male to 4mm sheathed banana jack adapters, they are attenuating adapters delivering 1,000V CAT II and 600V CAT III protection.

The three available attenuating values are identified by the BNC insulator colour: 10x (blue), 20x (green) and 100x (white).

These attenuators are excellent for those lower frequency (<100kHz) but higher voltage applications where safety calls for probes and leads which are more robust than standard oscilloscope probes. Employing 4mm DMM probes and/or insulated alligator clips gives a safer, more durable handheld test setup.

Providing a 1MOhm impedance and accepting 4mm sheathed banana plugs, the adapters provide for work in higher voltages and CAT environments such as electrical panel mains.

These adapters are small and lightweight providing an excellent addition to any DMM accessory kit.

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