Automated static linting and CDC analysis for FPGA and SoC FPGA designs

Aldec, Inc has updated its linting tool ALINT-PRO to enhance the support of Microchip Technology’s Libero SoC Design Suite. The new release supports automatic conversion of Libero

Industrial | 09-02-2023

New HES board ideal for prototyping and emulating ASIC and SoC designs

Aldec, Inc has launched the HES-VU19PD-ZU7EV, an ASIC/SoC physical prototyping and hardware emulation board that can contain designs of about 83M ASIC gates in size. Compared to bo

Design & Manufacture | 23-07-2021

New prototype board targets low power and high-security applications

Aldec, Inc has extended its TySOM family of embedded prototyping boards with the new TySOM-M-MPFS250, the first in a planned series to feature a Microchip PolarFire SoC FPGA MPFS25

Design & Manufacture | 13-07-2021

New data storage solution targets high-performance computing applications

Aldec has launched a powerful, versatile and time-saving FPGA-based NVMe Data Storage solution to assist in the development of High-Performance Computing applications such as High-

Subs & Systems | 17-12-2019