Cybersecurity-enabled board ideal for high performing applications

Aitech Systems has stated that its SOSA-aligned U-C8500 3U VPX SBC has passed environmental qualification testing. Aligned with The Open Group SOSA Technical Standard, its U-C8500

Industrial | 01-08-2023

New class of rad-tolerant memory card has high-capacity data storage

Aitech Systems has launched the S993, a radiation-tolerant 3U CompactPCI memory card providing up to 1TB of onboard storage Space NAND flash with all eight NAND modules installed f

Memory | 27-04-2023

New SBCs ideal for applications handling large amounts of sensitive data

Aitech Systems now provides the U-C8500, U-C8501 and U-C8502, three new 3U VPX cybersecurity-enabled SBCs aligned to The Open Group SOSA Technical Standard. Unique to the series SB

Subs & Systems | 16-08-2022

Space industry managed Ethernet switch lowers costs and time-to-market

Aitech Systems offers the space industry’s first standalone SFF Ethernet switch designed and tested for NEO and LEO missions. The new S-A6640 is a managed Ethernet Switch/Router wi

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 15-03-2022

AI supercomputing for next generation space applications

Aitech has developed the S-A1760 Venus, claimed to be the most powerful and smallest radiation-characterised space AI GPGPU. The new, small form factor system is rated for space fl

New Technologies | 16-08-2021

AMD GPGPU-based graphics board offers twice the performance of previous model

Aitech now offers the M599, a multiple output graphics XMC that doubles the performance of its predecessor, with the same low power consumption. Created for mission-critical platfo

Subs & Systems | 18-05-2021

Meeting demand for NVIDIA GPU-accelerated compute in AI applications

Aitech Systems offers its C530 GPGPU board with powerful NVIDIA GPUs, based on NVIDIA’s Turing architecture. The rugged, high-performance board helps designers overcome major hurdl

Subs & Systems | 14-10-2020

Rugged AI supercomputer now offers quicker processing of critical functions

Aitech Systems has launched an upgraded, qualified version of its high performance, compact A178. Created for intense data processing in harsh environments, the rugged GPGPU AI sup

Subs & Systems | 09-10-2020

New 3U VPX board incorporates cybersecurity for better data protection

Aitech has delivered its latest security-enabled SBC featuring up to 16 lanes of PCIe to manage increased data processing demands, while defending the board from data attacks and c

Subs & Systems | 15-05-2020

High performance computation achieved through advanced GPGPU

Aitech and Concurrent Real-Time have partnered to integrate RedHawk Linux RTOS with two of Aitech’s powerful NVIDIA Jetson TX2-based SFF supercomputers. The defence-grade A176 Cycl

Products | 19-03-2019

Top-performing SBCs offer lower power consumption

Aitech Defense Systems has integrated the ultra-low power T4xx1 processor family from NXP into four of its high-performing SBCs. By further decreasing power consumption within the

Products | 07-08-2018

New PSU meets power and reliability demands of rugged, high-density embedded systems

Aitech Defense Systems has expanded its line of PSUs with the P233. The device is designed to meet the demands of highly integrated embedded systems. The 3U VITA 62-compliant PSU

Products | 21-11-2017

Low-power 6U VME SBC enhances computing in data and event-driven rugged applications

Aitech Defense Systems offers a new rugged 6U VME single board computer (SBC) that brings the powerful QorIQ T1042, or higher performance T2081, multi-core processor to embedded sy

Products | 04-10-2017

Compact and rugged GPGPU supercomputer system redefines SWaP

A new fanless, rugged GPGPU supercomputer that measures only 20 cubic inches, while providing 1 TFLOP of parallel processing, has been introduced by Aitech Defense Systems. The

Products | 29-09-2016