Meeting demand for NVIDIA GPU-accelerated compute in AI applications

14-10-2020 | Aitech | Subs & Systems

Aitech Systems offers its C530 GPGPU board with powerful NVIDIA GPUs, based on NVIDIA’s Turing architecture. The rugged, high-performance board helps designers overcome major hurdles in the rugged AI landscape by offering accelerated data processing of multiple streams simultaneously while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

The enhanced 3U VPX board combines best-in-class NVIDIA technology with the company's powerful ruggedisation and SWaP capabilities. As it is based on COTS, open-standard architectures, the board can be easily employed in several platforms and applications.

Dan Mor, GPGPU product line manager for Aitech, noted, “There’s a growing need for more advanced platforms that enable higher computation power and relatively low power consumption while handling many independent video outputs and providing a large throughput back out to the network. Our enhanced C530 uses the power of NVIDIA to provide these performance needs for compute-intensive applications like AI delivery, video analytics and image processing.”

The board provides state-of-the-art accuracy in complex tasks including object detection, classification, segmentation and motion detection. It is employed widely throughout rugged HPEC applications, including uncrewed and autonomous vehicles – both ground and aerial – and in surveillance, naval, avionics and industrial environments.

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