High performance computation achieved through advanced GPGPU

19-03-2019 | Aitech | Subs & Systems

Aitech and Concurrent Real-Time have partnered to integrate RedHawk Linux RTOS with two of Aitech’s powerful NVIDIA Jetson TX2-based SFF supercomputers. The defence-grade A176 Cyclone and the industrial-focused A177 Twister enhance real-time computing for mission-critical applications.

Using the increased power-to-performance ratio offered by the TX2 and the advanced development environment of RedHawk Linux, the two units allow reliable deep learning capabilities in an increasing number of AI environments.

“Guaranteeing real-time processor performance, low process-dispatch latencies and minimal process run-time jitter are challenging in a real-time operating environment,” said Dan Mor, GPGPU and HPEC product line manager at Aitech. “Using NVIDIA’s CUDA driver, combined with Concurrent Real-Time’s RedHawk Linux distribution, we can overcome many of these computing obstacles.”

“Innovations, such as incorporating the Linux RedHawk RTOS into the Jetson AI platform, helps advance real-time computing power beyond what’s been traditionally expected,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management for autonomous machines at NVIDIA.

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