Multiprotocol Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules offer a turnkey solution

Mouser now stocks the ESP32-C6-WROOM-1 multiprotocol modules from Espressif Systems. These multiprotocol modules deliver a turnkey solution for adding wireless connectivity to applications such as smart homes, industrial automation, health

Mouser Electronics | 01-11-2023

Processor architecture meets the demand for limitless gaming

The 14th generation Intel Core desktop processors of the K and KF series – codenamed 'Raptor Lake Refresh' – expand Rutronik's portfolio of high-end gaming equipment. The Intel Core processors offer the Intel Performance Hybrid architecture

Rutronik | 01-11-2023

Dual-band solution delivers secured Wi-Fi 6/6E performance for IoT applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its AIROC portfolio with the AIROC CYW5551x Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.4 solution. The adaptable family produces secured, reliable 1x1 Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) connectivity that goes beyond the standard, p

Infineon | 01-11-2023

Automotive wireless connectivity portfolio expanded with Wi-Fi 6E solution

NXP Semiconductors has released the AW693, a new automotive-qualified wireless connectivity solution. Developed for automotive from the ground up and part of the industry's most complete automotive wireless connectivity portfolio, the solut

NXP | 30-10-2023

Frequency multiplier and divider series pioneers next wave in wireless technology

Pasternack offers its groundbreaking frequency multiplier and divider series, establishing a new benchmark for precision and efficiency in the industry. This series includes active frequency dividers with an input frequency sweep from 6.

Pasternack | 27-10-2023

Improving 'cooperation' between autonomous vehicles via V2X communication

CEA-Leti has announced a new R&D initiative to contribute to a higher level of vehicle automation and cooperation by extending the latest developments in vehicular wireless communications that enhance reaction time, pedestrian detection

CEA-Leti | 25-10-2023

Intelligent cellular routers for industrial IoT and enhanced networking

Advantech offers a wide range of smart cellular routers and gateways for Industrial IoT and Enhanced Networking, including 5G, LTE, 3G HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS. Constructed and optimised for critical infrastructure applications in the mos

Advantech | 20-10-2023

Bringing rich multimedia experiences to mass-market two-wheelers

NXP Semiconductors has revealed a combined digital instrument cluster and connectivity reference platform for mass-market two-wheelers, including motorcycles, electric scooters, commuter bikes, and more. The platform incorporates the high-p

NXP | 20-10-2023

Maximum performance transformers offer quality with reliability and affordability

BEC Distribution now offers the availability of LinkCom Transformer products, designed particularly to provide maximum performance without compromising quality, reliability or affordability. These products are designed to meet international

BEC | 19-10-2023

Ultra-broadband PIN-diode switches cover broadband frequencies up to 75GHz

Fairview Microwave offers ten new models of ultra-broadband PIN-diode switches. These innovative switches have extended capabilities covering ultra-broadband frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 75GHz. The new release includes SP2T, SP4T and

Fairview Microwave | 10-10-2023

Ultra-compact single-mode LTE Cat 1bis IoT module

u-blox has released its LEXI-R10, an ultra-small LTE Cat 1bis IoT module in a 16mm x 16mm form factor. The module adapts perfectly to size-demanding designs, making it excellent for use cases, including asset tracking and aftermarket telema

U-Blox | 09-10-2023

Dual-band GNSS module is optimal for urban metre-level position accuracy

u-blox has released the NEO-F10N, its latest positioning module. This module is based on the u-blox NEO form factor and is provided with u-blox F10 dual-band GNSS technology. It supports L1/L5 GNSS bands from multiple constellations (includ

U-Blox | 05-10-2023

BLE modules provide exceptional energy-efficient RF performance

Mouser now stocks the Lyra 24 series Bluetooth modules from Laird Connectivity. The Lyra 24 Series are BLE modules based on Silicon Labs EFR32BG24 SoC, offering both Bluetooth LE and mesh connectivity with exceptional RF performance, energy

Mouser Electronics | 03-10-2023

First Wi-Fi 6-enabled SoM To enhance connectivity performance

Variscite announced support for Wi-Fi 6 and now offers the enhanced NXP i.MX93-based SoM with the NXP-based Wi-Fi 6 module. The integration of NXP's IW611/ IW612 Wi-Fi 6 modules provides certified and secure dual-band Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax/ac

Variscite | 03-10-2023