Test & Measurement

nvSRAM with quad serial peripheral interface

Cypress has added an interface to its industry-leading nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) portfolio and is available from Digi-Key. The 1MB quad SPI nvSRAM meets the data throughput performance of 45ns, high-speed parallel NVRAM with the reduced pin c

Digikey | 14-04-2016

Compact and user-friendly digital temperature controllers for lab work and analysis applications

The OMRON E5xC series of digital temperature controllers, available from Farnell element14, offer a compact and user-friendly solution for a wide variety of lab work and analysis applications. Measuring just 48mm × 24mm × 90mm and featuring

Farnell element14 | 14-04-2016

Compact quad-band GSM/GPRS module uses leadless chip carrier castellation packaging

The Quectel M95, available from RS Components is a compact quad-band GSM/GPRS module which uses leadless chip carrier (LCC) castellation packaging. It is based on the latest MTK chipset, features GPRS multi-slot class 12 and ensures reliabl

RS Components | 13-04-2016

New generation of linear or angular position measurement

The Vishay UFPMA/UFPMC Series, available from TTI, are flexible, ultra flat, potentiometer membranes and represent a new generation of linear or angular position measurement. Initially developed for MAS applications, these ultra thin compon

TTI Europe | 13-04-2016

Lower power accurate three-dimensional sensor

The Infineon TLV493D-A1B6 3D sensor, available from Mouser, provides highly accurate three-dimensional sensing while consuming very little power. The sensor is available in a small 6-pin TSOP package. Its 3D magnetic field detection, low po

Mouser Electronics | 13-04-2016

Digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor

Available from Digi-Key, Texas Instruments' HDC1080 is a digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor that provides excellent measurement accuracy at very low power. It operates over a wide supply range and is a low cost, low

Digikey | 12-04-2016

Hall-effect single- and multi-turn rotary sensors offer multiple options

Novotechnik’s RSB-3600 and RMB-3600 single- and multi-turn Hall-effect rotary position sensors are available from Variohm EuroSensor in a wide choice of configuration options for maximum application flexibility. The highly-durable sens

Variohm | 12-04-2016

Compact GNSS module with integrated patch antenna

The Quectel GPS L86, available through RS Components, is a compact GNSS Module with an integrated patch antenna. The high performance MTK positioning engine brings a high level of sensitivity, accuracy, and TTFF (Time To First Fix) with the

RS Components | 11-04-2016

Power analyzer optimized for testing high efficiency power conversion products

The Tektronix PA3000, available from Farnell element14, is a one to four channel power analyzer that is optimized for testing today’s single and multi-phase, high efficiency power conversion products and designs. It can be used to quickly v

Farnell element14 | 08-04-2016

Highly accurate environmental monitoring with PHT Sensor

The TE Connectivity MEAS MS8607-02BA01 sensor is now available from Mouser Electronics. Measurement Specialties MS8607-02BA01 PHT Combination Sensor from TE Connectivity offers three environmental physical measurements in one device: pressu

Mouser Electronics | 08-04-2016

Automotive fault protected CAN transceiver

This Texas Instruments CAN transceiver family meets the ISO11898-2 (2016) High Speed CAN (Controller Area Network) physical layer standard. All devices are designed for use in CAN FD networks up to 2Mbps (megabits per second). Devices with

Texas Instruments | 07-04-2016

High-performance BAW duplexers for base station applications

Qorvo TQQx10x BAW Duplexers, available from Mouser, are exceptionally high-performance BAW duplexers for base station applications. These applications include general purpose wireless and LTE Bands 1, 3 or 7. The TQQx10x is housed in compac

Mouser Electronics | 07-04-2016

New clamp AC current sensors for high-current sensing in energy-management systems

TDK has expanded its CCT series of clamp AC current sensors with a new 600A option, satisfying the high-current sensing needs of energy-management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities. The new CCT406393-600-36 c

TDK | 06-04-2016

Replacement for electromechanical relays

Designed to replace and offer superior reliability over electromechanical relays, the IXYS' PLB171 800 V solid state relay is available from Digi-Key. It is specially designed to provide 7mm of separation between the two output pins, IXYS I

Digikey | 05-04-2016