Laser confocal scanning microscope provides fast data acquisition enabling precise measurement

20-10-2017 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The new Olympus LEXT OLS5000 3D laser confocal scanning microscope delivers precise imaging in a fast, easy-to-use system for research and development and quality control inspection in the automotive, electronic component and semiconductor industries. The microscope was designed with new features and updated technology to enhance its performance and advance measurement outputs. The result is simple, accurate, non-contact three-dimensional measurement of a wide variety of samples. The microscope uses the PEAK algorithm for fast, precise measurements at both low and high magnifications with four times the data acquisition speed of the previous model. Smart Scan II and analysis template functions automate the sequence of steps from data acquisition to reporting. An optional expansion frame enables the microscope to accommodate samples up to 210mm in height. Observation and measurement can also be performed using a long working distance lens, which enables a separation of up to 25mm between the lens and the sample.

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