Wireless microcontroller targets Bluetooth Smart applications

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments CC2640 is a member of the CC26xx family of cost-effective, ultra low-power 2.4GHz RF devices. Very low active RF and MCU current, and low-power mode current consumption

Texas Instruments | 09-06-2015

Trench gate field-stop IGBTs maximize low-frequency industrial system efficiency

STMicroelectronics' S Series trench gate field-stop 1200V IGBTs are now stocked by Mouser. The devices were developed with an advanced proprietary trench gate field-stop structure and are tailored to maximize low-frequency industrial sy

Mouser Electronics | 09-06-2015

Analog video decoder provides compatibility with the newest SoC processors

Intersil has unveiled the TW9992 analog video decoder, which features an integrated MIPI-CSI2 output interface that provides compatibility with the newest SoC processors. The decoder’s MIPI-CSI2 interface simplifies design by making it easi

Intersil | 08-06-2015

New high-reliability microprocessor satisfy most demanding application needs

New microprocessors from e2v's QorIQ family combine the benefits of legacy PowerPC core architecture, with the latest communication interfaces and silicon process technologies for applications such as commercial avionics and defence systems

e2v | 08-06-2015

Dual or quad-channel digital isolators feature 8000VPK isolation voltage

Mouser now stocks the Texas Instruments (TI) ISO78xx dual or quad-channel digital isolators which feature 8000VPK isolation voltage. The isolators provide high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions at low power consumption, while

Mouser Electronics | 04-06-2015

New Smart Hub with FlexConnect broadens application space of USB3.0 Hubs

Microchip has unveiled the first USB3.0 Smart Hubs that enable host and device port swapping, I/O bridging, and various other serial communication interfaces. The USB5734 and USB5744 feature an integrated microcontroller that enables new fu

Microchip Technology | 03-06-2015

Logic-level compatible fast switching 60V dual MOSFETs

Mouser now stocks NXP's NX7002BKXB 60V dual-channel logic-level compatible, fast-switching trench MOSFETs. The versatile device is designed for relay drivers, high-speed line drivers, low-side load switches and switching circuits.

Mouser Electronics | 03-06-2015

Spread spectrum PCI Express 2.0 and Ethernet clock generators slash EMI

Pericom's PI6C557 PCIe 2.0 clock generators are now stocked by Mouser. The spread spectrum clock generators are compliant with PCI Express 2.0 and Ethernet requirements. The PI6C557 devices are used for PC or embedded systems to substa

Mouser Electronics | 03-06-2015

New 9kHZ broadband 7-bit DSA offers high monotonicity

Now stocked by RFMW, Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE43711 is a 7-bit digital step attenuator capable of maintaining 0.25dB monotonicity through 4GHz. Operating to 6GHz, the PE43711 offers 0.5dB monotonicity through 5GHz and 1dB monotonicity

RFMW | 02-06-2015

USB 3.0 to FIFO (parallel) interface bridge chip enables higher-speed standard

RS Components now stocks the FTDI's FT600/FT601, a USB 3.0 to FIFO (parallel) interface bridge chip. The device allows developers to upgrade USB 2.0 connections to the new higher-speed standard. Features include remote wake-up capabili

RS Components | 01-06-2015

High-performance rectifier controller and driver for N-channel MOSFET power devices

Mouser now stocks the Texas Instruments (TI) UCC24630 synchronous rectifier controller, a high-performance controller and driver for N-channel MOSFET power devices used for secondary-side synchronous rectification (SR). The combination

Mouser Electronics | 01-06-2015

Power MOSFETs designed to meet improved system efficiency requirements

Designed to meet requirements for improved system efficiency while reducing system costs, Infineon OptiMOS 5 Power MOSFETs are now stocked by Mouser. The devices feature lower RDS(on) and Figure of Merit (RDS(on) x Qg) compared to alte

Mouser Electronics | 01-06-2015

New 103dB 2ch S/W controlled audio ADC with universal front end

This post sponsored by Texas Instruments A new approach to audio-function integration to ease compliance with European Ecodesign legislation while enabling high-performance end products - Texas Instruments' (TI) has introduced the PCM1

Texas Instruments | 29-05-2015

Innovative 60V synchronous buck controller simplifies power supply design

Latest from Intersil is the first 60V synchronous buck controller able to bypass the intermediate step-down conversion stage traditionally employed in industrial applications. The ISL8117 synchronous step-down PWM controller’s low duty cycl

Intersil | 29-05-2015