New 1200V IGBTs set power-efficiency benchmarks high-power switching systems

11-05-2016 | ON Semiconductor | Semiconductors

A new series of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), which utilise proprietary Ultra Field Stop trench technology, has been introduced by ON Semiconductor. The NGTB40N120FL3WG, NGTB25N120FL3WGand NGTB40N120L3WG are designed to deliver elevated levels of operational performance in order to meet the exacting demands of modern switching applications. These 1200 volt (V) devices are able to achieve industry-leading total switching loss (Ets) characteristics; the remarkable improvement in performance is attributable in part to a very-wide highly-activated field-stop layer and optimised co-pack diode. The NGTB40N120FL3WG has an Ets of 2.7 millijoules (mJ), while the NGTB25N120FL3WG has an Ets of 1.7mJ. Both devices have a VCEsat of 1.7V at their respective rated currents. The NGTB40N120L3WG is optimized for low conduction losses and has a VCEsat of 1.55V, at rated current, with an Ets of 3mJ. The new Ultra field stop products are co-packaged with a fast recovery diode that has soft turn-off characteristics and still offers minimal reverse recovery losses. The NGTB25N120FL3WG and NGTB40N120FL3WG are highly suitable for use in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and solar inverters, whereas the NGTB40N120L3WG is mainly aimed at motor drive systems, says the company. “Our new Ultra field Stop IGBTs along with optimized fast recovery diodes we manage to hit the sweet spot that perfectly balances VCEsat and Ets, thereby resulting in reduced switching losses, and enhanced power efficiency in hard switching applications, across a broad range of switching frequencies. At the same time it still offers the robust operation and cost effectiveness that engineers expect from IGBTs,” said Asif Jakwani, senior director and general manager, Power Discrete Division, ON Semiconductor.

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