High-efficiency synchronous rectification controller targets phones / portables chargers

Addressing the need for a highly-integrated, efficient and cost-effective solution for cell phone and similar portable electronic device chargers, Diodes Incorporated has introduced the APR343 synchronous rectification controller. This devi

Diodes Inc | 30-01-2015

Ultra low-power boost regulator converts DC power from PV cells or TEGs

An integrated boost regulator that converts DC power from photovoltaic (PV) cells or thermoelectric generators (TEGs), the Analog Devices ADP5090 ultra low-power boost regulator is now available from Mouser stock. The device is designed

Mouser Electronics | 30-01-2015

High-quality open-frame power supplies meet industrial and Eco standards

Dengrove Electronic Components now supplies the latest 48W and 60W open-frame power supplies from Recom. The supplies are compliant with worldwide safety standards as well as the European ErP Directive. The RAC48/OF and RAC60/OF are

Dengrove | 30-01-2015

Boost converter features pin-selectable output voltages and bypass mode

A versatile boost converter with pin selectable output voltages and an integrated bypass mode, the TPS61291 is now available from Texas Instruments (TI). In bypass operation, the device provides a direct path from the input to the sys

Texas Instruments | 29-01-2015

Low-side gate drivers suit SMPs, digital lighting and wireless battery chargers

Switch-mode power supplies, digital lighting and wireless battery chargers are typical applications for STMicroelectronics' PM8841 low-side gate drivers - which are now available from Mouser stock. The device is a high-frequency single

Mouser Electronics | 29-01-2015

New switcher ICs satisfy US DoE-6 and European CoC efficiency rules

The new LinkSwitch-4 family of CV/CC primary-side regulated (PSR) switcher ICs has been unveiled by Power Integrations. The LinkSwitch-4 product family features an advanced adaptive base and emitter switched drive scheme for bipolar jun

Power Integrations | 29-01-2015

Power Schottky diodes enable improved circuit efficiency

GeneSiC Semiconductor's silicon carbide power Schottky diodes are now stocked by Digi-Key. The devices promote improved circuit efficiency for lower overall cost systems, lower switching losses and ease paralleling devices without therm

Digikey | 29-01-2015

Ultra-small high-accuracy voltage detectors suit automotive applications

Torex Semiconductor has developed a range of voltage detectors with a delay function and sense pin isolated external hysteresis adjustment, as well as an internal 100V surge voltage protection function. The ultra-small high-accuracy XC

Torex Semiconductor | 29-01-2015

New 500W convection-cooled power supply offers 92% efficiency

Excelsys Technologies has introduced the XS500 range of high-efficiency 500W convection-cooled AC/DC power supplies. With a typical efficiency of 92%, and exceptional performance over the entire load range the XS500 does not require any

Excelsys | 29-01-2015

Stand-alone lead acid battery balancing IC works with up to four 12V batteries in series

A new single IC, stand-alone multi-cell battery balancer for 12V lead acid batteries, the LTC3305 has been introduced by Linear technology. Balancing works by absorbing charge from higher voltage batteries and transferring that charge to l

Linear | 28-01-2015

High-power GaN switching transistors offer significant advantages over silicon MOSFETs

GaN Systems has signed a new-distribution agreement with Ecomal Europe to promote and distribute its gallium nitride (GaN) high power switching transistors. GaN Systems' gallium nitride power transistors are based on its proprietary Isla

Ecomal | 28-01-2015

Cost-effective and space-saving 500W DC-DC power converter

The cost-effective and space-saving Delta Electronics Power Q48SC DC-DC power converter is now available from Mouser. It is a high power density power converter with a standard industry standard DOSA 2.3 x 1.5 x 0.37 inch footprint.

Mouser Electronics | 28-01-2015

Compact thermally-efficient power MOSFET drivers improve performance

The first power MOSFET drivers in a new product family, the MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X have been introduced by Microchip. The drivers feature an entirely new driver architecture for high-speed operation, the first in the MCP14A product

Microchip Technology | 28-01-2015

Synchronous buck DC-DC converter integrates low on-resistance power MOSFETs

Rohm's BD9B300MUV, a synchronous buck switching regulator with built-in low on-resistance power MOSFETs is now available from Mouser. Capable of providing current up to 3A, the device features fast transient response by employing const

Mouser Electronics | 28-01-2015