Current-compensated common-mode chokes for single and three-phase applications

Schurter has expanded its wide range of current-compensated chokes with high-current PCB mounting types. The new DKIH series are available for single and three-phase applications with rated currents from 10A to 50A. Due to their open design

Schurter | 24-11-2015

Surface-mount power inductors certified for automotive applications

A new range of surface-mount power inductors for high-frequency and high-temperature applications, the HA65A series/ has been introduced by TT Electronics. The inductors are designed to meet the requirements of the growing automotive mar

TT Electronics | 24-11-2015

High-performance common-mode chokes for automotive Ethernet applications

Now stocked by TTI Europe, the TDK ACT45L series of common-mode chokes for automotive Ethernet applications features the industry's best common-mode noise suppression. The higher the attenuation of the noise is, the better the performance o

TTI Europe | 20-11-2015

Ultra low-jitter PLL crystal oscillators in compact 7mm x 5mm packages

Pericom's NX702 7mm x 5mm PLL crystal oscillators are now available from Mouser stock. They feature very low jitter performance and support various options, including wide frequency range (5-1000MHz), 2.5V/3.3V voltage, and various stab

Mouser Electronics | 20-11-2015

Automotive-grade metal current-sensing chip resistors

Typically used in measurement / monitoring current flow circuitry, Yageo’s automotive-grade metal current sensing chip resistors are now stocked by TTI Europe. The devices are widely applied in battery life indications, over-current p

TTI Europe | 19-11-2015

Standard-package oscillators target high-line-rate applications

Featuring industry-standard packages, Abracon's ultra low-jitter ASFLMX / ASVMX series crystal oscillators are now available from Digi-Key. The packages measure 5mm x 3.2mm x 1.4mm (ASFLMX series) and 7mm x 5mm x 1.4mm (ASVMX series).

Digikey | 18-11-2015

Latest MLCCs are designed to not drop more than 50% of their value

Design engineers looking for capacitors to have a more defined change of capacitance with applied with voltage can now specify the VC1 range from Syfer Technology. The residual capacitance range of X7R MLCCs are designed to not drop more th

Syfer | 16-11-2015

Ultra high-precision wraparound resistors operate to +225C

Designed to meet the growing demand for precise, stable, and reliable resistors that can operate in harsh environments, VPG has introduced a new series of ultra high-precision Z1 Foil Technology wraparound surface-mount chip resistors desig

Vishay Precision Group | 11-11-2015

Metallised polypropylene film capacitors target audio applications

Components Bureau now offers JB Capacitors' JSX series of metallised polypropylene film capacitors which offer superior performance in audio applications. The capacitors feature a precise tolerance of ±3% or ±5% (1 kHz), as well as, low ESR

Components Bureau | 11-11-2015

Low-profile high-current automotive inductor is first with 180C rating

Vishay has introduced a new automotive-grade IHLP low-profile high-current inductor in the 3232 case size that is the industry's first to feature high continuous operating temperatures to +180C. Offering a low 4mm profile, the IHLP-3232DZ-8

Vishay | 11-11-2015

Shielded power inductors meet AEC-Q200 standard for auto applications

Available now from Farnell element14, four new Bourns SMD power inductor series meet the AEC-Q200 standard for automotive applications. They include Models SRP5015TA, SRP5030TA, SRP7050TA and SRP1770TA Series. The inductors are based o

Farnell element14 | 09-11-2015

Flameproof ceramic core wirewound resistors with high surge ratings

Available now from TTI Europe, TT Electronics' ULW / SPP / EMC resistor ranges satisfy a variety of application requirements. The ULW is a flameproof ceramic core wirewound with very high surge rating. The SPP has a fibre core and fuses

TTI Europe | 09-11-2015

New power metal strip resistor with Kelvin 4-terminal connection

Vishay has announced a new surface-mount Power Metal Strip current sense resistor featuring a Kelvin 4-terminal connection that reduces TCR down to 35ppm and enables tight tolerances down to 0.1 % for increased measurement accuracy. The Vis

Vishay | 05-11-2015

High-current high-efficiency power inductors feature flat-wire construction and low DCR

Coiltronics / Eaton HCV1206 high-current power inductors are now available from Mouser stock. The devices feature flat-wire construction, low DC resistance (DCR), high efficiency, and a wide -55C to +125C operational temperature range.

Mouser Electronics | 04-11-2015