Small quantity overmoulding for medical technology

ODU develops total systems and standard connectors for medical applications from MRI devices to endoscopy, developed to the strictest regulations and applicable standards. In applications involving high currents or temperatures, where hi

ODU Connectors | 20-11-2023

Smart power supplies with EtherCAT interface

PULS offers an innovation in DIN-Rail power supplies and Field Power Supplies equipped with a fully integrated EtherCAT interface. Integrating the EtherCAT interface enables users to configure and remotely control the power supplies in a

PULS Power | 20-11-2023

ARM SoM based on Renesas RZ/G2UL processor launched

MYIR has released a new embedded SoM MYC-YG2UL CPU Module based on Renesas RZ/G2UL processor with 1GHz ARM Cortex-A55 and 200MHz real-time Cortex-M33 cores. The processor supports two Gigabit Ethernet, two CAN FD, two USB2.0, up to seven UA

MYIR | 20-11-2023

Latest FEM and optocouplers plus smart switches and digital isolators

Mouser stocks the latest innovations from Skyworks Solutions, Inc. for aerospace, automotive, broadband, smartphone, cellular infrastructure, industrial, connected home and medical applications. Partnering since 2012 with Skyworks, the comp

Mouser Electronics | 17-11-2023

Official support for debugging in Visual Studio Code

SEGGER has announced its official support for debugging embedded systems in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with all members of the J-Link family, from J-Link BASE to J-Link PRO, including J-Link EDU Mini and J-Link OB. VS Code is a free-of

Segger | 17-11-2023

Ecosystem provides fastest and lowest latency high-capacity 128GB RDIMMs

Micron Technology, Inc. has announced its 32Gb monolithic die-based 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory delivering best-in-class performance of up to 8000MT/s1 to support data centre workloads today and into the future. These high-capacity, high-speed

Micron | 17-11-2023

Highest performance plug-in card launched

Concurrent Technologies has released its highest-performance PIC – the TR MAA/9sd-AFT. The new variant of its flagship PIC, with enhanced operational performance unlocked, utilises an emerging cooling technology. Previously, the PIC was

Concurrent | 17-11-2023

New series of 5G amplifiers balance affordability and reliable performance

Fairview Microwave has released its ground-breaking series of 5G amplifiers. Tailored to cater to the needs of modern projects, these amplifiers encapsulate the best innovative technology, ensuring top-tier performance across the 5G spectru

Fairview Microwave | 17-11-2023

Latest Cisco router installed on conduction-cooled 3U VPX board

Elma Electronic now supplies the NetKit-3110, based on the Cisco ESR6300 Ethernet router, created for harsh, deployed industrial and defence environments. With six high-performance Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (two routed, four switched), th

Elma Electronics | 17-11-2023

Embedded GPU card for accelerated AI and graphics performance

Mouser now stocks the VEGA-X110 embedded GPU card from Advantech. Employing Intel Arc graphics solutions, the GPU card supplies superior performance and price-per-watt, powerful image processing, and accelerated edge AI. The card features a

Mouser Electronics | 16-11-2023

Gate driver IC maximises performance of GaN devices

ROHM has developed a gate driver IC – the BD2311NVX-LB. It is optimised for GaN devices and attains gate drive speeds on the order of nanoseconds – exceptional for high-speed GaN switching. This was facilitated through a deep understanding

ROHM Semiconductor | 16-11-2023

Camera combines consumer image processing and AI technology

IDS NXT malibu marks a new class of intelligent industrial cameras that serve as edge devices and generate AI overlays in live video streams. For the new camera series, IDS Imaging Development Systems has collaborated with Ambarella. It fea

IDS | 16-11-2023

Exceptional robustness and high-reliability SiC Schottky diode

Rutronik's diode range is now extended by the third-generation 650V SiC diodes in MPS design and 4A-40A from Vishay. They score with exceptional resistance to current surges and better efficiency due to lower forward voltage and low capacit

Rutronik | 16-11-2023

New high-voltage SMD reed relays for instrumentation and ATE

Pickering Electronics will showcase its newly introduced high-voltage surface mount reed relay at Productronica. "As Pickering continuously improves its reed relay offering for instrumentation and ATE, we expect to see interest at Produc

Pickering | 16-11-2023