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The UK’s broadband service is pathetic and progress to improve it snail-like at best, despite years of government pledges and service provider promises. Lets put it into... More
Feb 22, 2018 By Paul Whytock
The sizeable capital investment involved when it comes to buying top-end oscilloscopes, logic and signal analysers can have even the toughest of bean-counters snapping shut their... More
Feb 15, 2018 By Paul Whytock
Two space travel related stories hit my desktop this week; one that rapidly generated major international headlines and one that slid very quietly onto my email screen. The... More
Feb 8, 2018 By Paul Whytock
A laser system that presently catches speeding motorists looks set to become a critical design element in making autonomous cars safe. LiDAR (Light detection and Ranging) refers... More
Feb 2, 2018 By Paul Whytock
Global data communications is running into a big problem. As modern living and ever-expanding commercialism puts immense pressures on data communication capacity and speed, so... More
Jan 24, 2018 By Paul Whytock
As far as consumers and their smart phone go, wireless charging sounds a great idea. And if it was a reality it would be. Let’s face it, relative to much of our... More
Jan 18, 2018 By Paul Whytock
The other week I wrote about what I consider the nightmarish scenario of your car being able to respond and manoeuvre according to your thoughts and emotions. Thankfully, the... More
Jan 10, 2018 By Paul Whytock
Imagine this. Your car reads a signal from your brain that you are about to turn the steering wheel or hit the brake pedal and it assists you by starting the action more... More
Jan 3, 2018 By Paul Whytock
This week saw phase one of the Electromaker website go live to the world. The inspiration behind Electromaker is to give hardware enthusiasts a platform to fully document their... More
Dec 21, 2017 By Nigel Seymour
Space. Not so much the final frontier but definitely the next frontier. No surprise then that President Trump has signed off a $20 billion funding package for NASA. The... More
Dec 19, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Developing 5nm chip designs has been on the minds of major semiconductors companies for years. Electronics designers have dreamed and schemed about a technology that will... More
Dec 7, 2017 By Paul Whytock
News this week that car thieves can now stand outside your house and pick up signals from your car keys stored inside your house (all too often near the front door) and then use... More
Nov 29, 2017 By Paul Whytock

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