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Quantum cascade lasers could allow the ever-smaller transistors to operate at low power and lower temperatures without the problems associated with conventional... More
Sep 20, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The banning by the European Commission of halogen light bulbs in the EU as of September 1 2018 – in order to encourage consumers to switch over to more energy-efficient... More
Sep 19, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Simply loading up and driving off with a delivery is thankfully a thing of the past. Even a lone ranger "white van man" knows that time sensitive deliveries need optimized... More
Sep 17, 2018 By Christian Cawley
Gold and semiconductors are to be assembled into nano-structures using a genetically engineered virus that was originally found in the Escherichia coli bacteria, which is... More
Sep 14, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
As more and more electronics are packed into vehicles the thermal hazard potential has risen sharply. And this has led to a growth in the market for automotive thermal fuses.... More
Sep 12, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Farms, research and development, factories… they're rarely in driving distance of a city. Often, such businesses are completely remote, perhaps cut off by landscape (moorland,... More
Sep 11, 2018 By Christian Cawley
A major technology development that could be the eco-saviour for air-polluting internal combustion engines and our planet's atmosphere is set to become a reality. Long considered,... More
Sep 10, 2018 By Paul Whytock
A superconducting quantum tunnelling capacitor is expected to solve a key problem for large-scale quantum computing. The problem is ensuring that the flow of quantum information... More
Sep 7, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The use of intelligent racks is increasing as the real-time remote monitoring of power supplies and management of data centre infrastructure continues to grow in importance. Data... More
Sep 6, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Once limited to research laboratories and supercomputers, sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) is today becoming a key part of consumer-grade products and services,... More
Sep 4, 2018 By Mark Patrick
Smart cities need smart technology to improve the lives of its residents and to streamline the whole operation and maintenance of urban infrastructure. And while you can’t... More
Sep 3, 2018 By Stefan Berggren
The ending of the UK government’s main renewable energy support scheme in April 2019 might, in most circumstances, be expected to provide a serious blow to the UK’s renewable... More
Aug 30, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike

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