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Despite all the known ecological, technical, life span and recyclability shortfalls of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries there is no doubt their use in cars and innumerous consumer... More
Nov 21, 2017 By Paul Whytock
While automation has been with us since the 1970s, recent progress made in artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning have helped it pick up the pace. In the coming years,... More
Nov 14, 2017 By Mark Patrick
In my last column I mentioned that despite the relentlessly gloomy mainstream media Brexit machinations and perorative-prone politicians, electronics technology would always move... More
Nov 9, 2017 By Paul Whytock
The answer is a resounding yes. But it’s not always easy given the mass of mindless misinformation that is unleashed on an almost daily basis by our national mainstream media,... More
Nov 2, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Ask any manufacturer in the semiconductor business which market sector is their rock-solid banker, the one that not only ticks over year after year but steadily grows, and most... More
Oct 26, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Electronic gadget mania means that young people in this country reach for their gadgets every eight minutes of every day. This is just one of the results from a survey of 1000... More
Oct 18, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Improved sensor technology is a key element driving forward the creation of IoT systems and devices but the monumental amounts of data they will create has to be communicated and... More
Oct 12, 2017 By Paul Whytock
There are now close on 280 companies worldwide working on technology related to the development of driverless (autonomous) cars. They include heavyweights from the German car... More
Oct 5, 2017 By Paul Whytock
In Part I of this environmentally related look at how lithium battery powered electric vehicles (EVs) could have a substantially negative impact on our planet it became clear the... More
Sep 27, 2017 By Paul Whytock
Anyone involved in the power supply sector knows it is a ferociously cost conscious business. Keeping the bean-counters happy at both the manufacturing and the purchasing end... More
Sep 22, 2017 By Paul Whytock
A friend of mine recently bought himself a Tesla X and I have to say it’s a great looking vehicle and I had to agree with him that the performance figures are impressive and... More
Sep 12, 2017 By Paul Whytock
There has been a spate of news recently about how today’s electronically sophisticated cars are vulnerable to hacking and a recent story that Chinese researchers posing as... More
Aug 31, 2017 By Paul Whytock

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