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Online data about you is valuable stuff and high-tech companies have freely been able to feast on it, monetise and market it without your say so. But those days could be numbered... More
Mar 20, 2019 By Paul Whytock
The use of lasers across a swathe of manufacturing industry, as tools capable of delivering intense cutting or welding power with high precision, is increasing. Beginning in the... More
Mar 19, 2019 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Smart home control and smart home automation afford many benefits. There’s the convenience of configuring scenes, consolidating device control, and providing enhanced security.... More
Mar 18, 2019 By Moe Long
Thin metal flags of different sizes and shapes with conforming piezeoelectric strips and photovoltaic cells attached could power remote sensors or other electronics... More
Mar 15, 2019 By Rob Coppinger
Last week saw much of Mouser’s European team over in Nuremberg, attending the annual Embedded World exhibition and conference. Not far from our stand in Hall 3A, was the... More
Mar 13, 2019 By Mark Patrick
Gap monitoring plays an important role in precision engineering. However, in machinery such as hydraulic pumps, gap calculations have proven to be difficult if not impossible.... More
Mar 12, 2019 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Organic polymers that conduct electricity could lead to biodegradable electronics and self-repairing systems according to researchers at the University of California Merced. These... More
Mar 12, 2019 By Rob Coppinger
Artificial intelligence (AI), while popular in science fiction films ranging from “The Terminator” to “2001: A Space Odyssey,” looks a bit different than its current... More
Mar 11, 2019 By Moe Long
What's all this Big Brother knows exactly where you're hiding stuff about – anyway?   Unless you’re a hermit living in a subterranean cavern in the Outer Hebrides... More
Mar 8, 2019 By Paul Whytock
Whether it is sensors for autonomous driving or light emitting diodes in smart clothing many industry sectors increasingly rely on lightweight and flexible electronics components.... More
Mar 7, 2019 By Nnamdi Anyadike
You probably know of graphene as the ultra-thin, remarkably strong graphite-derived material that has become the focal point for much future technology research, from quantum... More
Mar 6, 2019 By Christian Cawley
While once virtual reality (VR) was relegated so science fiction, it’s now permeated society. From inexpensive, cardboard VR headsets to hardcore virtual reality applications,... More
Mar 5, 2019 By Moe Long

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