Enhanced measurement solution provides support for OpenZR+

09-02-2024 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation introduces the 400G (QSFP-DD) multi-rate module MU104014B that supports the new interface standard OpenZR+ as a module of the Network Master Pro MT1040A. OpenZR+ facilitates low-cost DCI and metro network construction.

This measurement solution supports tests for transitioning from high-cost networks using existing WDM systems to low-cost networks utilising OpenZR+ transceivers. Through this solution, the MT1040A helps lower network construction and expansion costs. With exceptional heat dissipation and cooling performance, the new measurement module can prevent communication failures caused by the heat generated by OpenZR+ transceivers. This allows for more accurate measurement of network performance.

Datacentres and metro networks are expanding at a rapid pace due to the spread of generative AI and cloud services and advances in DX meeting social needs. Specifically, limits on available space, power-supply capacity, and air-conditioning can create problems in scaling up the capacity of established medium-scale data centres, so increasing the number of distributed medium-data centres can be more efficient than building new hyperscale data centres, which is driving demand for DCI between more medium-scale data centres.

WDM circuits provided by network operators are employed widely for DCI but are expensive. The 400ZR standard was established to resolve this issue, allowing low-cost network construction. However, the transmission distance of the standard is short, and its data rate is only 400G. The OpenZR+ standard was created to support a longer transmission distance and data rates ranging from 100G to 400G.

OpenZR+ transceivers are inexpensive compared to the existing WDM systems. They support various network configurations and are ideal for DCI construction. On the other hand, because they are capable of long-haul transmission, some OpenZR+ transceivers consume nearly 1.5 times as much power as the existing 400ZR transceivers and generate more heat. To measure an OpenZR+ transceiver accurately without failure, the measurement module must have a transceiver heat dissipation measure in place to suppress the heat generated by the transceiver. This measurement solution answers this need.

The MT1040A is a B5 size 400G handheld tester with exceptional expandability and operability. It is a touch panel-operated field measurement instrument with a 9" screen that is small enough to carry with a single hand. It supports a range of interfaces from 10M up to 400G.


By Seb Springall

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