Connectors, Cables & Enclosures

Economical new EV charging cables suit Level 2 applications

Transtector has released a new line of EV charging cables. The cables are designed for the increasingly popular Level 2 charging application, employing the tried-and-true J1772 connector. The company's new cables deliver faster charging

Transtector | 26-01-2024

Expanded range of conductive foam grounding/EMI shielding gaskets

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin has introduced two new versions of its SOFT-SHIELD 4850 multi-planar electrically conductive foam EMI shielding gasket: the more cost-effective SOFT-SHIELD 4840 for high-volume grounding application

Parker Chomerics | 26-01-2024

Expanded line card adds over 60 manufacturers in last year

Mouser added 64 new manufacturers to its industry-leading line card during 2023, greatly expanding product choices for design engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide. By providing customers with a wide selection of the most advance

Mouser Electronics | 25-01-2024

ARM 32-bit extension unlocks new deployment options for edge connector products

By integrating ARM 32-bit compatibility into its edgeConnector products, Softing Industrial is reacting to the increasing need for edge applications using ARM processors. Previously, these solutions were only obtainable for integration i

Softing | 24-01-2024

Ruggedised USB Type-C connector for harsh environments

Amphenol Socapex has released a ruggedised USB Type-C connector, USB3CFTV, based on the MIL-DTL-38999 series III standard.The connector is a rugged solution designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding applications such as defence

Amphenol | 19-01-2024

High-performance interconnect systems allow for increased density and simplified PCB design

Samtec, Inc. now offers the Optical FireFly Micro Flyover System, the first interconnect system with the flexibility to utilise micro-footprint high-performance optical and copper interconnects interchangeably. Comprising a transceiver, two

Samtec | 15-01-2024

New Raspberry Pi 4 case aimed at makers and industrial testing facilities plus science labs

Weidmüller has designed its u-maker box with the requirements of makers, testing labs, R&D departments and industry in mind. The product is now offered on Conrad's sourcing platform. The idea behind the design: programmers who operate R

Conrad Electronic | 12-01-2024

A wide range of circular connectors available for multiple applications

Lane Electronics supplies Souriau connectors, which are ideal for aerospace, defence, security, and motorsport applications. The company can provide many these suppliers' key products on short lead times from their extensive stock, which

Lane Electronics | 11-01-2024

OKW BODY-CASE: Wearable Plastic Enclosures for IoT & IIoT Applications

The surge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and mobile electronics is driving the demand for OKW's BODY-CASE wearable plastic enclosures, renowned for their IP 65 protection rating. These ergonomic enclosures are pivotal in advanc

OKW Enclosures | 05-01-2024

Showcasing high-quality enclosure solutions

CamdenBoss will be showcasing its top-quality enclosure solutions at Southern Manufacturing 2024. With over 50 years of experience across various industries, this UK-based company is known for delivering high-quality enclosures worldwide.

Camden Boss | 02-01-2024

Space-saving branch adaptor saves wiring time and costs

Hirose has extended its low-profile DF51 wire-to-board connector series to include a branch connector. The DF51B Series allows the splitting of the cable into two separate paths. This simplifies the design and wiring process and facilitates

Hirose | 28-12-2023

Squeezing ultimate performance in a tiny 3D magnetometer

Melexis now offers the MLX90394 Triaxis micropower magnetometer, a tiny Hall-effect-based sensor. It faultlessly balances the design trade-off between low noise, current consumption and cost. With on-the-fly selectable modes and advanced co

Melexis | 20-12-2023

OKW SMART-PANEL Enclosures: Elevating Building Control Systems

OKW has expanded its SMART-PANEL series, introducing state-of-the-art wall-mount and desktop enclosures tailored for advanced building monitoring and control systems. The latest addition, the S114 model, is designed to integrate seamlessly

OKW Enclosures | 18-12-2023

Circular heavy-duty connectors designed for high-power EV powertrain applications

TTI Europe now stocks circular heavy-duty (CHD) connectors from Amphenol Industrial. The robust, high-performance CHD14 series is created for usage in demanding commercial and off-road vehicle applications such as EV battery packs, inverter

TTI Europe | 15-12-2023