Aerospace & Defence

Innovative SMPS interconnects meet demands of defence and aerospace

Fairview Microwave has revealed the newest addition to its product lineup – SMPS interconnects. With a focus on compactness and high frequency, the SMPS connectors cover frequencies up to 65GHz while meeting the rigorous demands of defence

Fairview Microwave | 14-11-2023

Partnership to develop end-to-end capture and playback system for RF signals

Anritsu Company has partnered with AnaPico AG in response to the increasing demand from customers for instruments to capture RF signals of interest over the air and then play them back from vector signal generators. The Anritsu IQ Signal Ma

Anritsu | 13-11-2023

Capacitor series delivers rugged alternative to electrolytic capacitors

New Yorker Electronics has revealed Electrocube's release of the new 985B Series of Double Metallised Polypropylene Film Capacitors, designed for use in high-powered inverter applications. Able to handle high surge currents without degradin

New Yorker Electronics | 09-11-2023

High-efficiency SMPS interconnects for RF applications in defence and aerospace

Pasternack has released new innovative SMPS interconnects. These cutting-edge connectors, created for elite efficiency, can handle the demands of high frequencies, with a reach extending up to 65GHz. A product of rigorous research and devel

Pasternack | 09-11-2023

Development kit facilitates rapid deployment of advanced space data processing

Alpha Data has steered in a new era of rapid deployment of adaptable data processing in space with the launch of its groundbreaking ADK-VA601 Versal AI Core Development Kit for Space 2.0. The development kit, which includes a fully radia

Alpha Data | 09-11-2023

Wet tantalum capacitors provide H-Level shock and vibration capabilities

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has released a new series of wet tantalum capacitors with hermetic glass-to-metal seals. For avionics and aerospace applications, the STH electrolytic capacitors provide all the advantages of Vishay's SuperTan e

Vishay | 01-11-2023

Highly reliable compact connector series saves space and weight

Powell Electronics now offers the highly reliable, compact and fully QPL-approved MIL-DTL-M24308 connector series from Positronic. The devices are an excellent option for applications where space and weight are at a premium, e.g. in high-de

Powell Electronics | 30-10-2023

Updated M12 line offers greater versatility in industrial applications

Stewart Connector, a Bel group company, has expanded its M12 cable and connector product line for industrial applications and harsh environments. All of the cables and connectors in the M12 product line are developed for use in rugged sp

Stewart Connector | 30-10-2023

New additions to defence DC-DC converters

SynQor, Inc. offers new additions to its MCOTS product line: the MCOTS-C-270-40-HE and MCOTS-C-270-60-HE. These new compact, high-efficiency, high-power, half-brick DC-DC converters are based on the next-generation, isolated, fixed-frequenc

SynQor Europe | 18-10-2023

Rigorously tested MIL-STD-1553 connectors for avionics and data bus systems

Pasternack has launched its MIL-STD-1553 connectors engineered to meet the stringent demands of high-stakes defence communications, avionics and data bus systems. Designed with painstaking attention to detail, these defence-standard inte

Pasternack | 13-10-2023

DRAM series to excel in aerospace and in-vehicle environments

Innodisk is responding to the increasing demand for high-performance computing across diverse industrial applications and escalating heat management needs. Challenges such as harsh temperatures, recurring vibrations, and liquid corrosion ar

Innodisk | 12-10-2023

High-reliability thin film chip resistors for precision applications

Many types of precision electronic devices across various market segments demand higher reliability components. Automotive grade resistors deliver increased reliability and improved performance without the high cost and limited availability

Stackpole | 12-10-2023

End-to-end connectivity for next-generation soldiers

In the new age of defence, the more battlefield data available to field commanders, the better. If the real-time position of every soldier is known, as well as the exact status of weaponry and the proximity of the enemy, then dynamic adjust

ODU Connectors | 06-10-2023

Accelerated AI inferencing for space applications with new edge adaptive SoC

AMD is expanding its radiation-tolerant, space-grade adaptive compute solutions with the announcement of the Versal AI Edge XQRVE2302, the second device in the Versal adaptive SoC portfolio to be qualified for space flight. The device is

AMD | 04-10-2023