Nnamdi Anyadike

I have 30 years experience as a freelance business, economy and industry journalist, concentrating on the oil, gas and renewable energy, telecommunications and IT sectors. I have authored a number of well received in-depth market intelligence reports. And I have also spoken at conferences.

New Circuit Breakers for Electrical Devices

The race is on to develop a new range of mechanical Direct Current (DC) circuit breakers. While the significant power users depend on alternating current (AC), which cycles on and


Infrared Contactless Measurement Technology

Infrared contactless measurement technology, with a response time measured ‘in milliseconds’, is a solution to the growing need for non-invasive temperature sensing. Contactless th


Common Mode Interference and Radio Reception

The high switching frequency of current data lines has made common mode (CM) interference a problem for radio reception. In normal or differential (single) mode, current travels on


New Fast Arc Protection Systems

Fast arc protection is essential in today’s electrically wired environment given that electrical energy distribution systems continue to be prone to arc flashes (electrical equipme


3D Metal Printing Is Taking Over From Plastics

Cost-effective metal 3D printing with powder bed fusion is increasingly becoming a reality as we move towards full production metal parts, and away from the use of plastic based pr


Cobots Move Beyond Simple Process Applications

Collaborative robots (cobots) are coming to the fore across a broad swathe of industries including the aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors enabling better quality, better pr


AI Tools for Fault Management

The speed with which a malfunction can be reacted to is of great importance for production companies. In order to facilitate a more rapid response to breakdowns, manufacturers are


Biology and Electronics Find New Synergies

The coming together of biology and electronics is moving forward apace with ‘bioelectronics’, specifically bio-molecular, changing the face of a wide spectrum of industry disciplin


New Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators

Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs) are rapidly gaining ground across a range of high performance applications. An OCXO is a temperature-controlled device that maintains a