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Space-saving connector solutions for use in portable device applications

Available now from Mouser stock, Hirose Electric's innovative electronic connector offering includes a variety of space-saving connector solutions for use in portable device applications. A comprehensive selection of high-quality conne

Mouser Electronics | Products | 13-01-2015

Two-stage power amplifier serves small-cell applications

RFMW now supplies the TQP9107 two-stage power amplifier from Qorvo (the new company name for the merger of TriQuint and RFMD). With two stages of amplification, the TQP9107 offers 35.5dB of gain with 31.4dBm output power. Covering 700 to

RFMW | Products | 13-01-2015

Push-button reboot controller gets wearables and other portables running again

New push-button reboot controllers, which are used for system reboot by means of a signal input from external buttons (such as on a wearable device) are now available from Torex Semiconductor. The quiescent current in the standby state

Torex Semiconductor | Products | 13-01-2015

High-efficiency high-voltage synchronous step-down converters

Maxim's MAX17504, a high-efficiency high-voltage synchronous step-down converters are now available from Mouser stock. The device comes with dual integrated MOSFETs and operate over a 4.5V to 60V input. It delivers up to 3.5A and 0.9V t

Mouser Electronics | Products | 12-01-2015

Pin-compatible dual high-speed ADCs can simultaneously sample two channels

Capable of simultaneously sampling two channels, the Texas Instruments (TU) ADS8353, ADS7853, and ADS7253 belong to a family of pin-compatible, dual, high-speed, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that support single-ended and pseudo-di

Texas Instruments | Products | 12-01-2015

Surface-mount LEDs for UV curing, detection and medical applications

Available now from Mouser stock, BIVAR's SM0603UV Series surface-mount LEDs are offered in a standard 0603 foot print and are ideal for any UV application, detection systems and medical applications The miniature package provides long

Mouser Electronics | Products | 12-01-2015

Ultrasound system delivers new level of imaging and system performance

AMD has announced that its Embedded Radeon HD 7850 GPU is enabling cutting-edge application performance for the BK Ultrasound, powered by Analogic's, bk3000 ultrasound system. “The AMD Embedded Radeon HD 7850 GPU with OpenCL provides a

AMD | 12-01-2015

Compact new module features low power consumption and embedded BTLE stack

Now available from RS Compnents, the Panasonic PAN1740 Series is a compact 2nd generation Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) transceiver module featuring low power consumption and has an embedded BTLE stack. Low power consumption of 5mA in Tx

RS Components | Products | 12-01-2015

Self-powered booster module converts low DC voltage inputs to higher AC or DC voltages

A self-powered voltage-booster module that converts a low DC voltage input to a higher AC or DC voltage output - the Advanced Linear Devices EH4205 is now available from Digi-Key. The module is suitable for many low-power energy-harves

Digikey | Products | 12-01-2015

Environmentally-sealed metal and plastic harsh-environment connectors

Farnell element14 now offers from stock Bulgin's rugged new Buccaneer 7000 Series connectors. Available in plastic and metal the dust- and water- proof connectors are suitable for mains power applications in harsh environments such as indus

Farnell element14 | Products | 12-01-2015

Industry-leading touch sensing technology targets advanced next-generation displays

Atmel has launched its next-generation maXTouch U family, bringing the world's first capacitive touchscreen solution to allow no compromise for designing new state-of-the-art displays. OEMs will no longer have to worry about touch and di

Atmel | New Technologies | 12-01-2015

New ceramic disk capacitors provide high reliability for automotive applications

Available now from TTI stock, Vishay’s new ceramic disk capacitors provide high reliability for automotive applications. The AY2 Series AEC-Q200-qualified, AC-line-rated ceramic disc safety capacitors are designed to provide high reliab

TTI Europe | Products | 12-01-2015

Hybrid polymer-aluminium electrolytics give designers the best of both worlds

Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) has released the type HZC hybrid polymer-aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Rated for 125C, type HZC combines the advantages of aluminium electrolytic and aluminium polymer technology. The hybrid capaci

Cornell Dubilier | Products | 12-01-2015

Panel-mount trackball provides precise and accurate cursor control at all speeds

Mouser is now stocking the APEM LT Series panel-mount miniature trackball. The trackball uses advanced laser technology in a sealed, contactless device that provides precise and accurate cursor control at all speeds, with the versatility

Mouser Electronics | Products | 12-01-2015