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Thin-film resistor networks enable higher-precision op-amps and voltage dividers

Vishay has introduced a new series of surface-mount, high-precision dual-in-line thin film resistor networks featuring improved performance and a smaller size than previous-generation SOIC devices. Offering a slim maximum seated height of 1

Vishay | Passives | 02-12-2015

Pulse-withstanding resistors now AEC-Q200 qualified

Stackpole's RPC Series of anti-surge chip resistors is now AEC-Q200 qualified for 1% tolerances and wider. Along with providing top notch pulse handling, the AEC qualification provides additional assurance to designers that the RPC Series i

Stackpole | Passives | 02-12-2015

New medical-grade tantalums for implantable and life-support applications

Latest from AVX is the new TBC Series HRC6000 medical implantable grade tantalum capacitors. Delivering lower DC leakage (DCL) values than any competitive offering - down to 0.0025CV or 25% of typical industry limits - and requiring signifi

AVX | Products | 02-12-2015

Inverting controller protects GaN transistors

Now available from RFMW, XSYSTOR controller modules are used for the operation and protection of depletion-mode transistors. Primarily designed for GaN devices, controllers like the 200X02R0 protect GaN transistors during the power On/Off s

RFMW | Design & Manufacture | 02-12-2015

Novel new surface-mount antenna for LTE, cellular and MIMO systems

Antenova has introduced Lucida - a new SMD antenna for all LTE applications, including MIMO systems. LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology. While the current majority of LTE user devices operate in the 700MHz band, which

Antenova Ltd | Products | 02-12-2015

Sub-1GHz newcomer expands ultra low-power wireless microcontroller family

Mouser is now stocking Texas Instruments' (TI) CC1310 SimpleLink ultra low-power wireless microcontrollers. The new devices add a sub-1 GHz solution to the SimpleLink wireless microcontroller family, which targets Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee

Mouser Electronics | Products | 02-12-2015

Development platform for use in designing low-power wearable devices

Lattice Semiconductor has unveiled a new development platform for use in designing low-power wearable devices for consumers. Based on the iCE40 Ultra FPGA, the platform features a large number of sensors and peripherals, making it a compell

Lattice | Design & Manufacture | 02-12-2015

New 5-inch UWVA TFT display features WVGA resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio

A new 5-inch UWVA TFT display module, the TX13D06VM5BAA has been introduced by KOE Europe. The display features WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels) and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The ultra-wide viewing angle (UWVA) LCD modules are based on traditi

KOE Europe Ltd | Subs & Systems | 02-12-2015

powerful prototyping SNCs for software development and design

UDOO's single-board computers (SBCs) are now available from Mouser stock. They can be used with Android or Linux and paired with an Arduino-compatible processor. They are powerful prototyping boards for software development and design.

Mouser Electronics | Products | 02-12-2015

Industry’s first integrated thermocouple EMF-to-temperature converter

Mouser is now stocking the MCP9600 thermocouple EMF to temperature converter from Microchip Technology. The MCP9600 is the first thermocouple-conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision instrumentation, a precision temperature s

Mouser Electronics | Products | 01-12-2015

Single-input 2A standalone I2C switch-mode Li-ion battery charger

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The bq24250, bq24251, and bq24253 from Texas Instruments (TI) are highly-integrated single-cell Li-Ion battery chargers and system power-path management devices aimed at space-limited, porta

Texas Instruments | Products | 01-12-2015

Robust and reliable single-contact board-to-board pogo pins

Farnell element14 now stocks AVX Interconnect's single-contact board-to-board pogo pins which provide robust and reliable connections for 10,000 mating cycles. They are ideal for pluggable module applications in which the end user will

Farnell element14 | Products | 01-12-2015

Low EMI inductors rated for 125C maximum operating temperature

Available now from TTI Europe, Cooper Bussmann's HCM Series inductors are rated for 125C maximum operating temperature. The core is powdered iron material and is magnetically shielded for low EMI. The series has a high current carrying c

TTI Europe | Products | 01-12-2015

Build complete industrial automation projects with open-source hardware

Industrial Shields manufactures open-source industrial hardware to build machines, designs and installations in industrial automation and process control Available now from RS Components, the company's PLCs and Panel PCs are based on

RS Components | Products | 01-12-2015