New pressure sensor for harsh environments

The Variohm Eurosensor EPT9200 has been developed for usage in harsh and critical environments, including off-road, transportation, renewable energy and machine engineering applica

Test & Measurement | 07-07-2023

NTC thermistor for rapid response to small mid-range temperature changes

Variohm EuroSensor has released a new NTC thermistor targeted at mid-range temperature measurement where high accuracy and fast response times are crucial. The competitively priced

Test & Measurement | 22-02-2023

NTC thermistor range expanded with new mid-range sensor

Variohm EuroSensor has released a new specialist 10k variant targeting mid-range temperature sensing tasks for tight tolerance instrumentation in non-condensing moisture environmen

Passives | 24-11-2022

Hydrogen H2-ready pressure and temperature sensors for low-carbon energy

Variohm EuroSensor provides a variety of pressure and temperature sensors that satisfy the safe measurement and monitoring of hydrogen processing, storage, and transportation syste

Test & Measurement | 17-11-2022

Medical NTC thermistor aimed at sensing small body temperature changes

Variohm EuroSensor has developed a new NTC thermistor particularly created for medical equipment use and specifically aimed at sensing small temperature changes in the body and amb

Test & Measurement | 17-10-2022

Throttle position sensing rotary sensor in an IP66 sealed design

Variohm EuroSensor's VTP11 series rotary position sensor impresses for affordable throttle position sensing in motorsports. Its proven resistive element technology, based on a cond

Test & Measurement | 30-09-2022

Digital lift shaft measurement systems provide highly accurate position feedback

Wachendorff Automation GmbH combines its industrial-grade incremental and absolute encoders with application-specific components as complete digital shaft copying systems for posit

Test & Measurement | 09-09-2022

Inductive linear position sensor range provides long-life and maximum reliability

The ILT series linear position sensors from Variohm EuroSensor’s sister company, Ixthus Instrumentation, are a cost-effective option for precision linear measurement tasks in sever

Test & Measurement | 04-08-2022

New gear shift sensor for demanding motorsports applications

Variohm EuroSensor has released a new tension-compression gear shift sensor for a clutch-free, flat shift, ignition cut and other gearshift applications in professional motorsports

Automotive & Transport | 07-06-2022

Potentiometer-based sensors offer exceptional price versus performance

Novotechnik now offers design improvements for one of its oldest and most produced linear potentiometer position sensors, the LWH series. Available from Variohm EuroSensor, the new

Test & Measurement | 17-05-2022

New NTC thermistor designed for medical equipment usage

Expanding its extensive range of temperature sensors, Variohm EuroSensor has created a new NTC thermistor specifically designed for medical equipment usage and targeted at sensing

Test & Measurement | 27-04-2022

Absolute encoders offer advantages for demanding precision measurement tasks

Wachendorff’s WDGA series multi-turn absolute encoders, available from Variohm EuroSensor, are well-proven for their highly precise performance, robustness, and long working life f

Subs & Systems | 31-03-2022

Robust magnetic encoders offer increased application flexibility

Available in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor is Wachendorff Automation's new variant of its industrial-grade rotary encoders featuring a freely definable pulse count. The new WDGP s

Test & Measurement | 09-02-2022

Keypads provide outstanding durability and flexibility

Variohm EuroSensor offers a new range of keypads and controllers from the Italian manufacturer Blink Marine to its extensive product portfolio. Powerkey, PowerTrack, and Powerkey P

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 08-02-2022