New gear shift sensor for demanding motorsports applications

07-06-2022 | Variohm | Automotive Technologies

Variohm EuroSensor has released a new tension-compression gear shift sensor for a clutch-free, flat shift, ignition cut and other gearshift applications in professional motorsports. The VGS-T-1000-M8 (1UAB04) integrates strain gauge and integrated digital amplifier technologies to deliver an analogue voltage output corresponding to typical motorsports ECU threshold values set between 2.5VDC for zero force and 0...5VDC for +/- 000N force. Enabling high-speed gear engagement throughout maximum acceleration with no lost traction, the gear shift sensor also provides advantages over other shifting systems by eradicating the necessity for a torque converter and lowering fuel consumption.

Targeted at professional motorsports series such as WRC, S2000, Moto GP, etc., the IP65 rated sensor’s robust and durable design incorporates a stainless-steel housing with two M8 mounting threads and a 15 mm diameter anodised aluminium sleeve shielding the sensor electronics. With superior resistance to shock and vibration, the unit has an accuracy to within +/-5N over a temperature range of -20C to +85C. Overload protection is rated at +/-5000N while zero force offset at 2.5V output is specified to within +/-0.025V, and gain drift with temperature is 0.2%. The sensor’s supply voltage and current rating is 6VDC to 16VDC at 18mA and electrical connection is through a 1m braided cable assembly.

The new device is part of an expansive range of motorsports sensors available from the company, including linear and rotary position sensors, temperature, pressure sensors, acceleration and gyro sensors, plus displays and other instrumentation.