Throttle position sensing rotary sensor in an IP66 sealed design

30-09-2022 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

Variohm EuroSensor's VTP11 series rotary position sensor impresses for affordable throttle position sensing in motorsports. Its proven resistive element technology, based on a conductive plastic track and multiple-fingered wiper assembly, allows the durability to keep full sensing contact even in the toughest shock and vibration conditions and offers an operational life of five million cycles. The device's IP66 rated, fully sealed, and encapsulated glass-filled PBT housing provides a simple 32.5mm PCD flange mounting and combines with its 8mm through-hole D-shaft drive to enable front- or rear-side installation for convenient CW/CCW measurement set-up.

It targets throttle position sensing, although ideal for other motorsports position measurement tasks, including steering angle, suspension, and gear selection, the device has a wide, 97-degree measurement range and a generous 112-degree mechanical rotation. Linearity is specified at +/- 1%, and resistance value is 5kOhm +/-20% with a 5 … 24VDC supply voltage. An electrical connection is through 208mm long insulated leadwires as standard, with optional connectors on request. To withstand the extreme engine conditions in motorsports, the position sensor offers a temperature rating of -25C to +125C with short-term peaks to 150C for 15 minutes.

The device is a part of the company's comprehensive range of throttle position, steering angle, suspension, gearbox, and other position sensors widely used across motorsports. This includes resistive, analogue, and digital output sensors in a choice of contacting, non-contacting and contactless technologies in single-turn and multi-turn designs.