Absolute encoders offer advantages for demanding precision measurement tasks

31-03-2022 | Variohm | Subs & Systems

Wachendorff’s WDGA series multi-turn absolute encoders, available from Variohm EuroSensor, are well-proven for their highly precise performance, robustness, and long working life for precision measurement and motion control applications over a wide range of industries. With a single turn resolution of up to 16-bits and a multiturn capability to 43 bits, the sensor specialist’s EnDra magnetic encoding technology provides angular measurement accuracy of +/-0.09-degree, together with a feedback cycle time up to 50µsec that is ideal for high-performance servo drives. The microprocessor-based Hall-effect scanning principle offers a persuasive and cost-effective alternative to more fragile linear and rotary optical encoders. Provided with full support series extensive selection of housing styles, shaft dimensions, safety, and protection levels provides maximum application-matching flexibility, which is complemented by the broad selection of communication interfacing options, including CANopen, CAN SAE J1838, SSI and RS485, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT and a Universal-IP version.

The series magnetic and non-contacting Endra design provides many notable performance benefits. Unlike competitive multi-turn absolute encoders, the technology does not need a wear-prone gearbox and has a very low current consumption from a regular 10-32VDC power supply with no need for batteries. These benefits contribute to much-reduced axial length dimensions, even when assessing an amply designed bearing arrangement that enables exceptionally high axial and radial shaft loads - providing maximum compactness while maintaining exceptional durability for demanding heavy-duty measurement tasks. As standard, housings and shafts are IP65 sealed with IP67 and IP68 options through the series, while a selection of synchro flange, clamping flange, or blind hollow shaft mounting is available in housing diameters of 36mm and 58mm. The available communication options include data output for position, speed and acceleration, encoder cam, scaling capability, and comprehensive diagnostics – all backed up with commissioning and interfacing software.

The WDGA series has an extremely long working lifetime with virtually no maintenance required. The company's confidence in its product reliability extends to a five-year warranty. Application areas for the series include construction and agricultural machinery, wind energy, crane and hoist, AGVs, machine tool, food and beverage, packaging and many more.

By Natasha Shek