Teledyne FLIR

Optical gas imaging cameras have superior quantification and wireless data transfer

Teledyne FLIR has released the G-Series, a family of high-tech, cooled-core optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras that help leak detection and repair (LDAR) professionals discover and

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2023

Simple and cost-effective industrial infrared machine vision solution

The GEVA 400 iNspect package provided by Teledyne DALSA is a simple and affordable solution for Teledyne FLIR fixed thermal camera users, including the FLIR A38/A68. It is pre-load

Industrial | 14-03-2023

Versatile videoscope series enables non-destructive inspections in difficult-to-access areas

Teledyne FLIR offers its newest and most powerful Extech videoscope series, the Extech HDV700. This High-Performance Videoscope is the most versatile device in its class to support

Test & Measurement | 27-02-2023

Indoor air quality monitoring is taken to the next level

Extech’s new 42280A series temperature and humidity data logger, available from Teledyne FLIR, offers several notable enhancements over its highly successful legacy model to provid

Test & Measurement | 24-01-2023

First wearable thermal camera module for commercial and industrial use

Teledyne FLIR has welcomed RealWear as its latest Thermal by FLIR collaborator with the launch of the world's first completely hands-free, voice-controlled thermal camera module. A

Test & Measurement | 10-01-2023

Six new cameras offer high performance with 8MP to 20MP sensors

Teledyne FLIR has introduced six new cameras to its Blackfly S GigE line. These include the BFS-PGE-80S5M/C-C featuring 8MP Sony IMX546: colour and mono; BFS-PGE-120S6M/C-C featuri

Test & Measurement | 14-12-2022

Latest advanced 10-bit broadband data converter eliminates signal baluns

Teledyne e2v offers its EV10AS940, the latest advanced 10-bit broadband data converter. This device forms part of its multi-year push into software-defined microwave technologies a

Industrial | 09-12-2022

Wireless mobile infrared camera for inspecting hard-to-reach places

Teledyne FLIR has released its FLIR ONE Edge Pro, a wireless thermal-visible camera for mobile devices. Unlike past models, the reimagined device does not need to be physically lin

Test & Measurement | 16-11-2022

Compact thermal camera launched for use in hot working zones

Teledyne FLIR has launched the FLIR Cx5, a new pocket-portable thermal camera for condition monitoring in hazardous environments. The camera has a rugged ATEX-compliant case, which

Test & Measurement | 08-11-2022

New cameras for high accuracy 360-degree spherical image capture

Teledyne FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions now offers the all new Ladybug6 – the latest addition to its field proven Ladybug series. The device is the leading high-resolution camer

Test & Measurement | 26-10-2022

Advanced space processor gives spaceborne imaging and AI a major boost

Teledyne e2v has delivered qualified flight models (FMs) of its advanced, space-qualified, quad-core Cortex-A72 edge processing platform – the LS1046-space. Aimed at compute-intens

Industrial | 24-10-2022

Retrofit surveillance with NDAA compliant cameras

Teledyne FLIR is at the forefront of the effort to prioritise data protection and build reliable security solutions. For government bodies, security integrators, and mission-critic

Design & Manufacture | 08-09-2022

New 5MP USB3 is the lightest camera available

Teledyne FLIR introduces the latest additions to the Blackfly S UB3 camera line – the BFS-U3-50S4M-C and BFS- U3-50S4C-C. These 5MP models are especially suited for integration int

Design & Manufacture | 08-07-2022

Boost the dynamic performance of a broadband ADC with spur reduction IP

Teledyne e2v offers the EV12AQ600/5 models providing an integrated license key giving direct access to the novel ADX4 post-processing algorithm created at SP Devices within the Tel

Subs & Systems | 10-06-2022