Simple and cost-effective industrial infrared machine vision solution

14-03-2023 | Teledyne FLIR | Industrial

The GEVA 400 iNspect package provided by Teledyne DALSA is a simple and affordable solution for Teledyne FLIR fixed thermal camera users, including the FLIR A38/A68. It is pre-loaded with iNspect software (now offering 16-bit camera support) that connects to its GigE-based thermal camera platforms incorporating the FLIR A70, FLIR A400/A700, and FLIR A38/A68. This package is customisable for multiple thermal imaging-based machine vision applications and can be employed for various manufacturing tasks.

In manufacturing, thermal imaging is often the only effective and accurate way to control process and quality because it is non-invasive and non-destructive. The software simplifies the design and deployment of automated thermal inspection systems for manufacturers.

Built for the factory floor, it provides a suite of easy-to-use inspection tools which can be employed straight out of the box to put machine vision to work on a vast range of manufacturing tasks, including hot glue inspection, heat sealing and packaging inspection, thermal flow control and fill control, object counting and shape verification, and critical asset monitoring.

The software provides new and experienced users a practical tool with uncompromising functionality. Each inspection tool has been carefully developed to extract the relevant information from the object image. And the simple, straightforward setup enables users to quickly configure and deploy an application with no programming experience or extensive training.

Four PoE-compliant Gigabit camera ports in GEVA-400 enable the addition of thermal imaging cameras to support larger configurations. At the same time, the pre-loaded iNspect Express vision application software and included perpetual license help lower overall system costs.

By Seb Springall