Radiometric thermal camera module for integrators launched

11-08-2023 | Teledyne FLIR | Industrial

Teledyne FLIR has released its Lepton 3.1R, the world's first radiometric thermal camera module with a 95° FOV, 160 x 120 resolution, and a scene dynamic range of up to 400C. The model retains the same compact and low-power form factor, making the Lepton family of thermal camera modules a best-seller for mobile, small electronics, and uncrewed systems.

"The revolutionary Lepton was the world's first thermal micro camera module integrated into millions of devices from ruggedised smartphones to drones," said Mike Walters, vice president, product management, Teledyne FLIR. "Lepton 3.1R can now propel advancements in cost-saving and lifesaving unattended products ranging from early fire monitoring of critical machinery, electrical switchgear, and data centres to IoT products for smart factory, occupancy monitoring, smart homes, smart appliances, and even elderly care applications."

The module is a drop-in enhancement for existing Lepton-based products. It includes the same VoSPI, inter-integrated circuit (I2C), and electrical and mechanical form and fit as predecessor Leptons to simplify development. Furthermore, it remains the lowest-cost FPA-based thermal sensor on the market.

All Lepton modules include unmatched thermal sensitivity of <50mK for an uncooled micro thermal camera. It features many proprietary technologies, including wafer-level detector packaging, wafer-scale micro-optics, a custom ASIC, and a low-cost, easy-to-integrate camera package. The family also incorporates integrated digital thermal image processing and radiometry, the capability to provide the temperature of every pixel in the scene.

To help lower development costs and shorten time to market, users can take advantage of an online Lepton integration toolbox with application notes and source code for testing on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone.


By Seb Springall

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