New infrared guided measurement multimeter and clamp meters

01-06-2023 | Teledyne FLIR | Power

Teledyne FLIR has announced the DM286 Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) Multimeter, and two new clamp meters, the CM57-2 and the CM85-2. The reimagined multimeter and clamp meters supersede the predecessor DM285, CM57, and CM85, respectively, supplying technicians with upgraded tools to conduct safe and accurate electrical inspections and identify hazards before contact.

"The FLIR DM285 IGM multimeter and the CM57 and CM85 clamp meters have proven to be enormously popular for electrical inspection, and we are thrilled to reintroduce these flagship products with even more compelling features," said Rob Milner, business development director, Teledyne FLIR. "The redesigned FLIR DM286 Industrial Imaging Multimeter with IGM now features FLIR-patented multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX) that adds visible light details to thermal images in real-time for greater clarity. It also includes video recording, longer run time, and compatibility with the new FLIR METERLiNK app."

The DM286 enables electricians to pinpoint hot spots and other problem areas faster, safer, and more efficiently. It features 160 × 120 thermal resolution from the embedded Lepton thermal micro-camera, an embedded visible-light camera, and a bright LED work light to employ MSX in low light. MSX is additive in that the visible light edge details are displayed on top of the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal detail or resolution.

The multimeter can also store up to 30,000 radiometric thermal images and log files and possesses longer battery life for inspectors to capture images and log files all day long. For those employing other FLIR test and measurement tools alongside the DM286, the new FLIR METERLiNK app, which replaced the FLIR Tools app, can work independently or in concert with compatible FLIR devices. It is also effective for complying with the updated National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B 2023 rules released in April.

Compatible clamp meter tools supply access to difficult-to-reach areas and adapt to operating condition-specific voltage measurement requirements. The CM85-2 Clamp Meter is an industrial power clamp meter with advanced power analysis and variable frequency drive filtering functions needed by electrical troubleshooters for full-scale equipment. Technicians can accurately analyse voltage in complex machinery by including harmonics, current, inrush, and phase-rotation testing.

The CM57-2 Clamp Meter is intended to simplify difficult current measurements. Its narrow, 18" (45.72cm) flexible coil clamp allows users to take measurements in awkward and tight spots effortlessly, and it is excellent for multiple conductor measurements and double-wrap requirements. Like the CM85-2 and the DM286, the CM57-2 is compatible with the FLIR METERLiNK app.

By Seb Springall