Environmental sensors designed for HVAC and air quality applications

07-10-2022 | Sensirion | Consumer

Seeed Studio has released the Grove all-in-one environmental sensors featuring Sensirion’s SEN54 and SEN55 environmental sensor nodes. The sensors detect multiple indoor air quality parameters and are intended for HVAC and air quality applications.

These environmental sensors detect multiple pollution indicators and can be employed to monitor air quality in enclosed spaces. The SEN54 measures environmental parameters such as VOCs, particulate matter, humidity, and temperature. As well as these parameters, the SEN55 also detects NOx. The integrated ambient sensor assembles eight types of data signal output and is intended for HVAC and air quality applications.

“Sensirion has been providing various chipsets for data collection, which enable global developers to get insights from the data,” added Eric Pan, founder and CEO of Seeed Studio. “At Seeed Studio, we have been delivering hardware solutions for the global IoT ecosystem since 2008. We are happy to apply Sensirion’s new technologies to our IoT modules and devices. Together, we will enable global developers to build scalable IoT solutions efficiently and empower them to digitalize the world.”

With the Grove cable, the environmental sensors can be connected via a single interface with existing development platforms from Seeed Studio, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many others. The single cable solution also enables device manufacturers a simple application integration, saving design-in efforts and assembly costs. To assist developers in getting started with prototyping quickly, Seeed Studio provides a tutorial platform with documentation explaining how to use the environmental sensors to connect to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and STM32.

“We are proud of the strong relationship we have built with Seeed Studio during the last years. Seeed Studio’s development platforms are designed to assist experimentation and prototyping with our innovative sensors in different applications, helping our customers reduce development effort and speeding up hardware design”, says Johannes Winkelmann, director of Developer Experience at Sensirion.


By Seb Springall

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