High-performance mass flow controller series offers new versions

29-06-2022 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion is the first company in the world to launch its mass flow controllers for catalogue distribution. For approximately a year, customers have been offered mass flow controllers for quick and easy evaluation and initial testing. The sensor manufacturer is extending its product range with two further mass flow controllers from the SFC5500 series and four new mass flow meters in the SFM5500 series. The latest mass flow controllers and meters are ideal for analytical, medical and industrial applications.

The high-performance mass flow controllers and meters are calibrated for multiple gases and come with push-in fittings, which can be simply swapped out by the user from the list of compatible parts. Due to the ultra-wide range, every device can cover many of the flow ranges found in traditional devices. The versatile SFC5500 mass flow controller is now offered in ranges from 50sccm to 200slm. Also, a new mass flow meter series – the SFM5500 – is being launched; it is a valveless sibling of the SFC5500, providing the same excellent performance. These pressure-resistant mass flow meters are now offered in four flow ranges of 50sccm, 0.5slm, 2slm and 10slm.

The sensor is based on the microthermal measurement principle and employs its CMOSens MEMS Technology. This enables the company to create radical mass flow controllers and meters with best-in-class performance and outstanding reliability, which do not drift and do not need in-service re-calibration – unlike many other devices on the market.

Thanks to the extremely high control range facilitated by the CMOSens MEMS flow sensor, the series can cover many of the flow ranges of a conventional mass flow controller/meter in a single device. Together with multi-gas calibration and exchangeable fittings, the mass flow controllers/meters are the first to be offered as standard, off-the-shelf products ideal for applications in medical, analytical and industrial sectors.

The series is ideal for a wide range of applications where the highest accuracy and speed and the widest dynamic range are required, such as gas mixing in medical and analytical instruments, flow control in bioreactor and semiconductor applications and process control in industrial automation, research and development and prototyping.

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