New versions of environmental sensor node are now available

13-04-2022 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion’s environmental sensor nodes are intended for usage in indoor air quality applications. The SEN50 environmental node is part of the SEN5x series and provides a straightforward sensor solution platform for accurately measuring particulate matter. In addition to particulate matter, the device can detect other environmental parameters, such as VOCs and NOx, and humidity and temperature. Sensirion’s algorithms enable straightforward integration into various applications. The implemented engine is known as Sensirion Temperature Acceleration Routine (STAR), accelerates the device’s response to ambient temperature changes by a Source: Sensirion AG factor of two to three. This, together with a temperature compensation engine, gives a better user experience and more accurate measurements to end-users. Device manufacturers, therefore, save valuable project time and personnel resources. End customers obtain reliable air quality measurement and benefit from an enhanced indoor environment with better health and comfort.

“Built on highly reliable and advanced environmental sensors, Sensirion has developed the SEN5x environmental sensor node to provide a fast and straightforward integration into indoor air quality applications. With the SEN50 and SEN55, we offer new versions to fulfil our customers’ needs and continue our efforts to lead the journey in environmental sensing solutions,” says Antonio Rubino, environmental sensor node product manager at Sensirion.

By Natasha Shek