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Full SiC power modules to supplied to Formula E racing team enhancing performance

ROHM is providing the full SiC power modules to the VENTURI Formula E team in the FIA Formula E 2017–2018. This module will support further improvements in the machine's performanc

Products | 12-12-2017

Dual-mode battery charge ICs enable simultaneous USB PD and wireless charging

ROHM now offers dual-input boost-buck charging ICs that support one to four battery cells for notebook PCs, smartphones, and power banks that utilise the latest charging technologi

Products | 08-12-2017

Expanded lineup of compact high-power low-ohmic shunt resistors

ROHM has developed high power low ohmic shunt resistors that are optimised for current detection in high power sets in the industrial equipment, automotive, and large-scale consume

Products | 05-12-2017

Simpler designs in automotive sensor applications deliver improved noise immunity

ROHM has announced the availability of automotive-grade ground sense opamps delivering breakthrough EMI tolerance (noise immunity) for automotive systems using sensors along with c

Distributors | 21-11-2017

New high resolution audio SoC supports a variety of sound sources

ROHM has recently announced the availability of a high resolution audio SoC designed to act as the ‘brain’ in audio applications such as Bluetooth speakers, USB DACs, and mini/micr

Products | 29-09-2017

Dual-mode LPWA LSI expands transmission range by more than 10 times

ROHM Group company LAPIS Semiconductor has announced the availability of an RF LSI optimized for LPWA, which is expected to usher in a new area of wireless IoT communication. T

Products | 06-09-2017

Ultra-compact LEDs offers more colors despite smaller footprint for industrial and consumer devices

ROHM offers what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest class (1608 size) of two-color chip LEDs. In addition to their size the SML-D22MUW feature a special design that improves

Products | 25-08-2017

New evaluation boards facilitate prototyping and development of USBPD applications

ROHM has recently announced the availability of USB Power Delivery (USBPD) compatible transmitter/receiver evaluation boards designed to connect to information and peripheral devic

Products | 12-07-2017

Developing artificial intelligence chip for predictive maintenance in smart factories

ROHM Semiconductor and A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME) recently announced the joint development of an AI chip to boost efficiency in predictive maintenance for smart f

Design & Manufacture | 21-06-2017

New car audio sound processor supports high resolution sound sources

ROHM has released a new sound processor capable of high resolution audio playback that performs volume adjustment and audio mixing for car audio and navigation systems requiring hi


New range of power devices offers complete power solutions with enhanced energy efficiency

Energy savings and reduced system costs in all kinds of systems are heavily influenced by choosing the right power device. With its new developments resulting from the group’s exte

Products | 25-04-2017

DC-DC converter capable of DC fan motor speed control

The BD9227F is claimed to be the industry’s first power supply IC capable of controlling the rotational speed of DC fan motors with high accuracy by linearly varying the output vol

Products | 20-04-2017

Thermal printhead compatible with single-cell power supplies offer energy savings

ROHM has recently announced the availability of a new thermal printhead for receipt printers in payment terminals capable of being driven by a single-cell li-ion battery. Therm

Products | 27-03-2017

New high performance optical sensor for heart rate monitoring ideal for wearables

ROHM has introduced an optical sensor for heart rate monitoring optimized for wearable devices such as sports bands and smart watches. The BH1790GLC leverages proprietary analog ci

Products | 22-02-2017