Collaboration to create Wi-SUN low power sensor nodes with ultra-low power consumption

27-06-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Test & Measurement

Along with ROHM Semiconductor, Eta Compute are focused on producing next-generation autonomous intelligence to mobile and edge devices. Their collaboration to develop unprecedented low power Wi-SUN compatible sensor nodes. The nodes will join ROHM’s sensor technology and Eta Compute’s low power MCUs to produce one of the highest performing, lowest power solutions for smart utility networks and the IoT.

“Our partnership with ROHM gives our customers access to industry-leading sensor technology combined with the industry’s lowest power microprocessor technology,” said Paul Washkewicz, vice president and co-founder of Eta Compute. “By focusing on Wi-SUN compatibility, we are providing essential components for large-scale outdoor networking required for smart cities and a diverse range of applications in an intelligent loT.”

"We are pleased to collaborate with Eta Compute. ROHM has targeted the sensor business as one of our growth strategies. We offer a wide range of sensor line-ups and propose sensor solutions, combining wireless communication devices. By pooling our resources, we will provide customers with the sensor nodes they need to deploy next-generation networks across a wide range of applications,” said Satya Dixit, senior director of Solutions Marketing, at ROHM Semiconductor.

Sensors Expo 2018, Booth 934 and 516, San Jose, June 26-28

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