New power supply chipset improves stability in start-stop systems

31-10-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM has announced a buck-boost power supply chipset that claims to provide the lowest current consumption in the industry along with stable performance (transient response characteristics) in automotive ECUs for cluster panels and gateways used in start-stop vehicle systems.

The chipset combines a buck DC/DC converter with boost functionality and a dedicated boost IC. The primary chip uses the company’s novel buck-boost control technology, called Quick Buck Booster, that allows configuration of a buck-boost power supply without degrading buck power supply characteristics by simply attaching the dedicated boost IC to the subsequent stage.

The result is an industry-best no-load current consumption of 8µA and ±100mV output voltage fluctuation using an output capacitance 44µF, contributing to enhanced stability and energy savings in applications where notable input voltage drops occur in a short period, such as start-stop vehicle systems. Also, Quick Buck Booster technology provides for a common board design that combines both buck-boost and buck power supply topologies along with the necessary peripheral components and noise countermeasures, decreasing development time and labour by 50% compared to conventional methods needing separate buck-boost and buck power supply boards.

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