High accuracy multi-sensor beacon application using company's sensor solution

21-06-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Test & Measurement

ROHM is showcasing ROHM Group Sensor Technologies for applications such as ‘Employee Location Management System’ and ‘Inventory Management System’.

Recently, the need for systems using sensors and wireless communication to manage and optimise factory and office operations by monitoring different environmental parameters, motion and position of people or objects is growing. The systems in display use newly-developed multi-sensor beacons and algorithm to better the accuracy of position detection using a beacon signal. This multi-sensor beacon includes the company's Pressure Sensor IC BM1383AGLV, Geomagnetic Sensor IC BM1422AGMV, Hall IC BU52058GWZ, Ambient Light Sensor IC BH1721FVC and Kionix Accelerometer, KX126-1063. Also, sensor devices, LAPIS Semiconductor low power MCU ML620Q504 and Bluetooth Low Energy module MK71251-01 are used, hence contributing to reaching a very low-power high-accuracy system.

Sensors Expo 2018, Booth 516, June 26-28, 2018.

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