Universal smart charger offers auto-detection of NiMH/NiCD batteries

16-05-2018 | Powersolve | Power

Powersolve has released a smart charger for NiMH and NiCD batteries. The PSCH30 will auto detect and charge eight to 15 NiMH or NiCD cells in series and can charge them at the right voltage between 9.6V and 18VDC. A switch enables users to choose the charge current between 0.9A to 1.8A while charging status is indicated by LED.

The charger operates from a universal 90 to 264VAC and offers several safety features including automatic cut-off when the cells are fully charged and includes a thermal sensor battery for over-temperature protection. Overvoltage and short circuit protection are also included as standard.

Housed in a compact, desk-top plastic enclosure (120mm x 60mm x 38mm), the charger is supplied with an IEC320 C14 three-pin AC input connector as standard while the output lead is 1.2m, terminated in a four-pin Toby KPPX-4P connector.

The CE marked device meets all relevant safety and EMC standards including UL1310, CISPR22 ‘B’, FCC Part 15 ‘B’ and EN55022 ‘B’.

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