Rugged DIN-rail power supplies are shock and vibration proof

20-03-2018 | Powersolve | Power

Powersolve has released the TSP Series of single output 72W to 600W DIN-rail power supplies intended for use in an extensive variety of applications, particularly those hazardous and difficult environments. According to the company, these new power supplies are perfect for powering sensitive loads in industrial process control systems, machine tools and other demanding industrial applications.

There are 12 models in the series providing regulated, adjustable single output voltages of 12, 24, 36 or 48VDC, with output currents up to 25A. Produced by TracoPower, these DIN-rail power supplies are designed for industrial operating temperatures from –25C to +70C with convection cooling and over-temperature protection as standard. Other features include over voltage protection, power good signal and remote on/off. The series comes with a worldwide safety approval package.

The series has worldwide safety approvals to EN60950-1 and UL508 and EMC Compliance to EN61204-3 standards for industrial power applications.

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