New laser marking service for electronic enclosures

07-11-2019 | OKW Enclosures | Subs & Systems

OKW now offers new laser marking technology to its broad array of customisation services. Laser marking of legends and logos is waterproof, smudge-proof and durable. It is perfect for very small machine-readable markings, including sequential QR codes or barcodes. Consecutive numbering can be carried out speedily, easily and cost-effectively.

Employing a laser to mark an enclosure gives a more resilient solution than printing as it physically alters the colour of the surface. Dark and light plastic parts become grey at the point of marking.

Ideal materials for laser marking include ABS, ASA+PC and ASA+PC-FR, polycarbonate, polyamide (and PA GF) and aluminium. Dependent on the materials used, the following enclosure colours are ideal for high-contrast laser marking: off-white, light grey, pebble grey, lava and black.

By Natasha Shek