OKW Enclosures

Customisation options for aluminium instrument enclosures

New customisation options are now available for OKW's Metcase Unimet-Plus desktop and portable instrument enclosures. The high-quality range of robust metal cases targets laborato

Products | 18-06-2015

New desk stations and wall holders for IP65 handheld enclosures

Desk stations and wall holders are now available for OKW’s tough new range of Datec-Compact handheld electronic enclosures for outdoor use. The range was developed to meet growing

Products | 08-06-2015

Latest enclosures integrate glass panels for touchscreen applications

OKW’s new multi-function Interface-Terminal enclosures are now suitable for touchscreen applications. The cases can be ordered with a high-quality glass panel fitted in the top to

Products | 07-05-2015

Slim portable instrument enclosures for tablet style electronics

New from OKW, the Carrytec M Slim series enclosure is aimed at tablets and instruments which have more modest space requirements but still require the tough protection this range o

Products | 09-04-2015

Digital printing for front panels, rack cases and instrument housings

OKW’s metal enclosures division Metcas is pioneering the use of digital printing for front panels, rack cases and instrument housings. The use of digital technology means legends,

Products | 09-03-2015

New enclosures house iPAD Air tablets for industrial or commercial applications

OKW has added two new iPAD Air front panels to its Interface Terminal multifunction electronic enclosures range – enabling the tablets to be securely mounted to walls or desks, or

Products | 19-02-2015

Round and oval models added to extruded aluminium / plastic enclosure range

OKW has added new round and oval models to its elegant new range of Synergy electronic enclosures - its first to be manufactured from both plastic and aluminium. The new models

Products | 07-01-2015