Maxim – Low power precision ADC for sensor measurement

13-12-2016 | Maxim | Semiconductors

Maxim’s MAX11410 is a new low-power, 10-channel 24-bit delta-sigma ADC optimized for precision sensor measurement. Its ultra-flexible analog input structure, combined with the five differential inputs of the device plus matched current sources, enables multi-sensor ratio metric designs with integrated excitation in applications such as multiple RTD, thermocouple and pressure sensors. The device contains a low noise, one to 128 programmable gain amplifier with excellent 1nA input current, allowing precision measurement of extremely small signals in demanding applications, for example thermocouples and strain gauges. Integrated FIR filters enable up to 90dB simultaneous 60Hz and 50Hz power line rejection which allows robust designs also in noisy environment. A tiny 4mm x 4mm TQFN package and a working temperature range of -40C to 125C makes it suitable for space-constrained and high ambient temperature designs.

By Electropages Admin