Health sensor platform helps evaluate complex, innovative medical and fitness solutions

11-07-2017 | Maxim | Test & Measurement

The Maxim MAXREFDES100# health sensor platform is an integrated sensor platform that helps customers evaluate their complex and innovative medical and high-end fitness solutions. The platform integrates one biopotential analog front-end solution (MAX30003/MAX30004), one pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor (MAX30101), two human body temperature sensors (MAX30205), one three-axis accelerometer, one 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, and one absolute barometric pressure sensor. PC and Android applications are available to help get up and running quickly. The PC application provides a GUI allowing users to configure and interact with all the sensors over a USB connection. The Android application provides the ability to monitor sensor data over BLE. The ARM mbed development environment is supported for developers who want to customize the operation of the platform. The companion MAXREFDES100HDK# programming adapter that ships with the platform provides driverless drag-and-drop programming for firmware updates as well as a virtual UART interface and CMSIS-DAP compatible debugger.