Linear Technology

Gain differential amplifier broadens usefulness and performance in range of applications

Linear Technology’s LTC6432-15 is a wideband fully differential amplifier with 15dB gain, offering linearity of up to +50.3dBm OIP3 (output third-order intercept), very high OP1dB

Products | 12-05-2017

Synchronous step-down switching delivers high efficiency and ultralow emissions

Linear Technology has announced the LT8645S, an 8A, 65V input capable synchronous step-down switching regulator. Its unique Silent Switcher 2 architecture uses two internal input c

Products | 27-04-2017

Breakthrough wireless automotive battery management system

Linear Technology announces what is claimed to be the industry’s first wireless automotive battery management system (BMS) concept car. This wireless BMS concept car, developed wit


Silent switcher µModule regulator for use in signal processing applications

Linear Technology, which was recently acquired by Analog Devices, announced the LTM8073, a µModule (power module) step-down regulator with up to 60V input voltage range (65V abs ma

Products | 13-04-2017

Bidirectional electronic circuit breaker provides comprehensive protection against faults

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4368, a circuit protection controller ensuring safe voltage and current levels for 2.5V to 60V electronics in battery-powered automo

Products | 06-03-2017

Rail-to-rail op amps feature precision and power efficiency

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC6258/59/60 and LTC6261/62/63, single/dual/quad op amps, extending its line of power efficient, low noise, precision operational amplifiers.

Products | 02-03-2017

Isolated switch controller protects and monitors up to 1000VDC power supplies

Linear Technology has introduced the LTM9100 µModule (micromodule), all-in-one Isolated Anyside switch controller protects and monitors high voltage DC power supplies up to 1000V.

Products | 01-03-2017

Monolithic flyback regulator guarantees operation for junction temperatures up to 150C

Linear Technology has announced the H-grade version of the LT8303, a monolithic flyback regulator with guaranteed operation for junction temperatures as high as 150C. By sampling t

Products | 14-02-2017

High voltage monolithic flyback regulator simplifies design of isolated DC-DC converter

Linear Technology offer the LT8315, a high voltage monolithic flyback regulator that simplifies the design of an isolated DC-DC converter. By sampling the reflected isolated output

Products | 09-02-2017

Power over Ethernet controller for power-hungry applications

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4279 single port PoEcontroller for PSE, delivering up to 123W of power over CAT-5e cable for power-hungry applications. Demand for higher po

Products | 08-02-2017

Dual wideband mixer with programmable gain amplifiers enables 5G wireless access

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC5566, a new wideband, high dynamic range dual channel mixer with integrated programmable variable gain IF amplifiers. This dual mixer has a

Products | 03-02-2017

Battery monitor measures state of charge parameters with high accuracy

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2944 multicell battery monitor, which makes direct measurements of 3.6V to 60V battery stacks. Absolutely no level shifting circuitry on the

Products | 01-02-2017

Multiphase synchronous boost controller provides high efficiency

Linear Technology has announced the LTC3897, a multiphase synchronous boost DC-DC controller with input surge stopper and ideal diode controller. The boost controller drives two N-

Products | 12-01-2017

Synchronous four-switch buck-boost controller with spread spectrum

Linear Technology’s LT8390, is a synchronous buck-boost DC-DC controller that can regulate output voltage, and input or output current from input voltages above, below and equal to

Products | 25-11-2016