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Dual rail-to-rail power monitor is ideal for many applications

Linear Technology is offering the LTC2992, a wide range I²C system monitor that monitors the current, voltage and power of two 0V to 100V rails without additional circuitry. The de

Products | 01-11-2017

Synchronous step-down switching regulator has ultralow EMI emissions

Linear Technology has released the LT8650S, a dual 4A, 42V input synchronous step-down switching regulator. It’s unique Silent Switcher2 architecture uses four internal input capac

Products | 18-10-2017

µModule regulator in tiny package is ideal for noise-sensitive signal processing applications

Linear Technology Corporation’s LTM8063, is a 40VIN, 2A µModule step-down regulator in a tiny 6.25mm x 4mm BGA package. The package size is 75% smaller than the existing equivalent

Products | 16-10-2017

µModule regulator has the ability to current share multiple independent devices

Linear Technology has released the LTM4645, a 25A step-down µModule (power module) regulator with the ability to current share multiple independent devices (N) where at least one L

Products | 11-10-2017

µModule regulator safely operates from unregulated or fluctuating input supplies in noisy environments

Linear Technology offers the LTM8065, a µModule (power module) step-down regulator with up to 40V input voltage (42V abs max), which can safely operate from unregulated or fluctuat

Products | 04-10-2017

Dual input prioritizer offers low quiescent current backup supply switchover solution

Linear Technology’s LTC4418 is a dual input power prioritizer for 2.5V to 40V systems. To enable portability, preserve memory during brownouts, and ensure a graceful shutdown on po

Products | 21-09-2017

DC-DC controller provides five converter topologies at up to 10A output

Linear Technology offers the LT8711, a multitopology current mode PWM controller that can easily be configured as a synchronous buck, boost, SEPIC and ZETA DC-DC converter, or as a

Products | 19-09-2017

Synchronous buck-boost controller eliminates surge protection devices

Linear Technology offers the LTC3779, a high efficiency (up to 99%) four-switch single inductor synchronous buck-boost DC-DC controller that operates from input voltages above, bel

Products | 13-09-2017

Inverting µModule regulator is suitable for applications in harsh environments

Linear Technology has announced the LTM4651, a nonisolated inverting output µModule regulator that can generate –26.5V to –0.5V output from a positive input supply voltage. The dev

Products | 11-09-2017

DC-DC converter for applications with input source from Li-Ion battery to automotive and industrial

Linear Technology’s LT8362 is a current mode, 2MHz step-up DC-DC converter with an internal 2A, 60V switch. It operates from an input voltage range of 2.8V to 60V, suitable for app

Products | 23-08-2017

Ultra-wideband mixer offers bandwidth and performance ideal for a broad range of applications

Linear Technology’s LTC5552 is a double balanced mixer that features best-in-class wideband matching from 3GHz to 20GHz. The mixer can be used as an up or downconverter. The device

Products | 16-08-2017

Monolithic synchronous Buck converter Reduces EMI and enables high power density applications

Linear Technology has announced the LTC7150S, a 20V, 20A monolithic synchronous buck converter with differential VOUT remote sensing. The device’s unique phase lockable controlled

Products | 25-07-2017

Highly integrated buck battery charger provides seamless backup power

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4091, a complete lithium-ion battery backup management system for 3.45V to 4.45V supply rails that must be kept active during a long duratio

Products | 20-07-2017

Synchronous step-down regulator delivers high efficiency with ultralow EMI/EMC emissions

Linear Technology has announced the LTC7103, a 2.3A, 105V input capable synchronous step-down switching regulator. Its wide 4.4V to 105V input voltage range is designed for operati

Products | 19-07-2017